Maltipoo – Fluffy Companion Dog for the Whole Family

The Maltipoo combines the friendliness of the Maltese with the intelligence of the Poodle. The result is an alert, happy and playful family dog that is easy to train and lead in everyday life. Whether you’re playing with the kids, doing dog tricks with mom, or cuddling with grandma, the Maltipoo is always around with great enthusiasm.

Fluffy Bundle of Happiness

Both the Poodle and the Maltese are old, well-known, and popular dog breeds. The little white Maltese has a long tradition as a companion and even a pet dog for high society ladies and members of the royal family. However, for families with small, very active children, the Maltese is too small and fragile.

Mixing with the Miniature Poodle produces a slightly larger, smarter, and more trainable dog that is blessed with a moderate need for exercise. Poodle genes also increase the likelihood of having a dog that doesn’t shed or doesn’t shed very much.

Despite being one of the designer dogs and being critically rated by breeders, the Maltipoo continues to grow in popularity every year.

Nature of the Maltipoo

The nature of these small, fluffy dogs is a combination of breed-typical characteristics of both parents. However, the Small Poodle and Maltese breeds are so similar in character that one should hardly expect any surprises when they are crossbred.

The Maltipoo is cheerful, and always in a good mood dog. He loves to cuddle together and can spend hours on the couch with you. Small dogs also show their strengths when interacting with children: they are very friendly and playful. However, young Maltipoo in particular can become very noisy and tend to bark intensely. While generally as friendly to visitors and strangers as they are to their own people, they are not afraid to announce their arrival loudly.

Training & Maintenance

If you want to describe a small dog in one word, “uncomplicated” would be the right choice. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need guidance. Socialization and upbringing begin on the day move in. Maltipoos are generally not bothered by environmental irritants but still need to be exposed to many elements of their future life in the first few weeks.

A well-socialized Maltipoo is a well-balanced companion that gets along well with all people and animals. This feature is very useful if you live in the city or want to take your dog to the office. Both are easily possible if you plan enough movement and stress on your head. Intellectual and search games, as well as dog tricks, are the best activity for little mestizos.

Maltipoo Care

The texture of the Maltipoo’s coat varies from soft and long to curly. The decisive factor is the predominance of the coat of the Maltese or Poodle. Both coat types require meticulous grooming with daily brushing and regular visits to the groomer for clipping. The Maltipoo has no undercoat and catches a cold very easily. In winter, a dog coat is part of the main equipment when going for a walk.

Maltipoo Features

Like most small dogs, the Maltipoo is prone to kneecap problems. Consult your veterinarian if you notice irregularities in the gait of the hind legs. Regular consistent movement, such as long walks, strengthens the muscles and is indispensable even for such a small dog. Eye diseases may also occur.

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