Lemons, Deodorants, and Cigarettes: 7 Smells Cats Hate

Not only dogs – cats also have an extremely well-developed sense of smell: They smell many times better than humans. And there are some smells that cats can’t stand at all. We tell you which fragrances you should avoid in the presence of your cat.

Citrus Fruits

Do you find the smell of limes, lemons, and oranges refreshing? Your cat sees it differently! Velvet paws find citrus scents rather repulsive. Cats also can’t stand other cooking flavors, such as garlic, vinegar, cinnamon, or coriander. Some of these are even poisonous for the kitties, so you should always keep them tightly closed.

By the way: some cleaning products also contain citrus scents. Therefore, you should banish these from your cleaning cupboard as quickly as possible and replace them with other odor directions.

Essential Oils

The cold season is exhausting – even for four-legged friends. Because the cats’ sensitive noses do not like the intensive eucalyptus or peppermint oils that many use to fight colds. The four-legged friends cannot smell tea tree oil either. It’s better that way – because the essential oil is toxic to cats.

Deodorants and Perfumes

We humans use deodorant and perfume because of their supposedly pleasant smell. Soaps are also an important part of our daily hygiene. And the more intense they smell, the better – right? Not necessarily: Cat owners should use fragrances that are as neutral as possible. The smell is often too intense for kitties and can therefore even cause discomfort.

Scented Candles

Light a scented candle to relax or to drive away unpleasant smells – many think nothing of it. Cats, however, steer clear of the scented candles. The same also applies to room fresheners and incense sticks: the artificial smells are far too intense for cats.

Cats Don’t Like Strange Smells

Not being able to smell someone – this saying makes sense with cats too. The smell of strange cats in your own territory is a real no-go. Cats, therefore, try to cover it up immediately with their own, for example by leaving their scent mark with their urine.

Some Plants

Have you ever heard of the “piss you off the plant”? This is how the harp bush is called colloquially. Cat owners should rather not plant this in the garden – just like plants with a citrus scent or intensely scented lavender.

Cigarette Smell

Cat owners have one more reason to quit smoking: Cigarette smoke bothers cats. Most people already find the smell unpleasant – then imagine if you were able to perceive cigarette smoke with multiple intensities. So that the cats do not smoke passively, their masters should therefore smoke outside the apartment.

Cat Litter

Some types of cat litter or even litter boxes come with scents. Sometimes even with citrus scents – you have already learned above that cats can’t stand them. Therefore, it is best to make sure that you buy products without fragrances. A good indication that your cat can’t smell her toilet: if she’s suddenly doing her business elsewhere.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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