Labradoodle – Cute Companion with a Big Heart

The friendliness of the Labrador combined with the non-shedding coat of an intelligent Poodle – the Labradoodle accompanies you in everyday life like a wonderful family dog. Since a great love for people is firmly established genetically in both parent breeds, the Labradoodle is also characterized by an extremely friendly and positive character. The cheerful nature is packed into a medium-sized, curly-haired, cute four-legged friend.

Perfect Family Dog

While there are hundreds of dog breeds, many dog-loving families struggle to find the perfect pet. He should be fit for everyday use, about knee length, playful, active but not overly demanding, affectionate, easy to train, and, at best, not shedding. The Labrador fulfills most of these desires but sheds a lot of hair throughout the house. This does not apply to the Poodle, which has a special coat: it does not shed and thus spreads fewer allergens, so most allergy sufferers can live with such a dog in the house without problems.

The Labradoodle combines the characteristics of both breeds and is becoming increasingly popular as a family dog.

Nature of the Labradoodle

Labradoodle puppies receive traits from both parent breeds. Maybe one of them is more dominant. The Labrador is considered the clown among dogs. He is always in a good mood, loves to play, has a balanced character, and is a true friend to children. The shorthaired hunting dog breed can be noisy at times and is also known for its voracity.

Poodles are a bit more cautious in nature, also friendly at heart, and fun to be around. Because Miniature Poodles are slightly more alert and nervous than standard poodles, Labradoodles show slight differences in activity levels depending on their parents. Both Labradors and Poodles have long been bred to not hunt. However, some level of prey drive is possible in Labradoodles. Through search exercises or tasks such as nose work, the work readiness of friendly mixed breeds can be satisfied while improving obedience.

Training & Maintenance of the Labradoodle

Like its parent breeds, the Labradoodle loves human company. Basically curly dogs want to be with you always and everywhere. So it’s important to practice being alone every day from the very beginning. Along the way, it’s important to channel Doodle’s great charity into controlled channels so that he doesn’t enthusiastically jump or run over anyone. Due to its breed characteristics, the Labradoodle has a great desire to please. This leads to a great desire to cooperate with people. Therefore, she is easy to train and with a little consistency, she will become an attentive and cheerful companion dog and family. Labradoodles are also suitable for demanding tasks in canine sports, search work, and in the field of therapy or visiting dogs.

Labradoodle Care

The coat of most Labradoodles is typical of Poodles: it curls and constantly grows without falling out. These dogs need regular brushing and clipping. It is up to you what hairstyle your dog should wear. Whether it’s a wild teddy haircut, long curls, or a practical haircut down to a few millimeters, the Labradoodle is changeable. The fur needs to be trimmed approximately every six to eight weeks. With good care, moderate feeding, and plenty of exercises, a Labradoodle can live from 12 to 14 years.

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