The Kromfohrlander is one of the younger German dog breeds and was only internationally recognized in 1955. Find out everything about behavior, character, activity and exercise needs, training, and care of the Kromfohrlander dog breed in the profile.

This dog owes its name to the place of residence of the first breeder: Ilse Schleifenbaum lived in southern North Rhine-Westphalia near the “Kromfohrlander” district. The ancestors of the Kromfohrlander include the wire-haired fox terrier and the Grand Griffon Vendéen.

General Appearance

A medium-length rough hair is ideal for breeding. The color should be white with brown markings.

Behavior and temperament

A moderate temperament and friendly character make the Kromfohrlander an extremely pleasant housemate who knows how to behave in an exemplary manner in the home and adapts to the daily rhythm of his people. He is dependable and loyal without being intrusive and affectionate without being obsequious. Representatives of this breed never show themselves offended or in a bad mood. He is playful and cuddly towards his people, he meets strangers with reserve or mistrust at first.

Need for employment and physical activity

They love walks and run through the forest, rarely straying more than about 100 meters from their human. Kromfohrlander also likes to take part in a wide variety of dog sports. Since he has a great jumping ability, he is particularly suitable for participation in agility courses and competitions. The loving character of this dog should not be sharpened with protection dog training.


Due to its intelligence, the Kromfohrlander is a very docile and at the same time difficult dog. If he is spoiled or raised inconsistently, he quickly tends to dominate. Once the hierarchy in the pack has been clarified, he shows himself to be well-behaved and adaptable. However, defiant phases should be prevented by regular training in obedience exercises.


The care is not particularly complex. The usual coat, claw, and ear care are sufficient for this breed.

Disease Susceptibility / Common Diseases

Because of the narrow breeding basis, it is essential to pay attention to reputable breeders. Character defects (aggressiveness), epilepsy, and PL can otherwise occur.

Did you know?

Although terrier blood runs in its veins, the Kromfohrlander has almost no hunting instinct and is, therefore, an easy-care companion for riding and for walks in the forest.

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