Kromfohrlander – Perfect Companion for the Whole Family

The Kromfohrlander belongs to a fairly obscure breed. The charming, intelligent companion dog has a wonderful temperament, loves children, is easy to train, and has a weak hunting instinct. The Kromie is an ideal family dog that is also ideal for first-time dog owners due to its medium size, low grooming requirements, and close bond with humans.

Kromfohrlander: Family Dog

Kromfohrlander emerged from a breeding project in the south of North Rhine-Westphalia in the first half of the last century. According to historians, the progenitor of the breed “Real Peter” came with American soldiers from France to the area “Krom for” – “crooked furrow”. The region gave its name to a new breed of Wire-Haired Fox Terriers and Vendée Grand Griffins. The original breeds Kromfohrlander can still be identified today. From the very beginning, the purpose of breeding was to produce a friendly, easy to train, and uncomplicated companion dog. Today this successful, robust, and attractive dog breed is struggling to survive: there are only a few breeders and many dog ​​lovers don’t even know the adorable Kromfo.

Kromfohrlander Personality

Kromfohrlander is characterized by a happy, playful and affectionate nature. He forms a very close bond with his family, which is why some dogs don’t want to be left alone. The sooner you practice this regularly, the better the sensitive Kromfohrlander will be able to endure several hours without its owners. An intelligent companion dog has a certain hunting instinct due to terrier heritage and is considered an alert roommate. The charming four-legged friend tends to be cautious and reserved with strangers and dogs, which is typical of the breed. He does not show any aggression but likes to remain in the background at first.

Upbringing & Attitude

The smart Kromfohrlander is considered an easy-to-train breed with a great “will to pleasure”. It is important that consistency and friendliness be the focus of parenting. Like most dog breeds, Kromfohrlanders do not cope well with the changeable moods of their owners. Don’t forget the Fox Terrier heritage when training: Kromfohrlanders usually have a noticeable but manageable hunting instinct. If you value a secure harness from the start and prevent hunting by securing it with a towline, you have a good chance of getting a full-grown dog that can run almost anywhere freely.

Caring for Kromfohrlander

Both types of Kromfohrlander coat – wiry and smooth – should be brushed twice a week. With good care, they rarely molt at home. Shedding can increase significantly when changing fur in spring and autumn. Ears, eyes, and nails should be checked regularly and, if necessary, cleaned and trimmed.

Characteristics & Health

The medium-sized Kromfohrlander is generally robust and, with proper nutrition and care, can usually live up to 15 years. Some well-known hereditary diseases should be tested in breeding work, for example. B. with hyperkeratosis and von Willebrand syndrome (SVS). Rarely, do epilepsy, cystinuria, and patellar luxation occur. Responsible breeders pay attention to these criteria when choosing breeding animals.

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