It’s Easy to Help Birds and Insects Through the Summer

Birds and insects are often troubled by heat and drought at the current temperatures. Even a small potion in the garden or on the balcony often works wonders.

In the summer months, it hums and chirps in the garden and also on some balconies. Insects and birds feel particularly at home where there are many plants and flowers. Anyone who wants to support small and large visitors now can do so with a few simple means.

Bumblebees, bees, and beetles need water to quench their thirst or to build nests. An insect drinker for the balcony or garden can be put together quickly: Simply fill a shallow bowl with water and put a few stones or marbles in it as a landing area so that the crawlers do not drown. The water should be changed regularly and the vessel cleaned.

For Birds and Insects: Soup Plates for a Cooling Bath

Birds also have an increased need for fluids in summer because natural waters have almost disappeared in many settlements and cities. The Nabu, therefore, asks garden and balcony owners to help out with water points. And it’s actually really easy.

Because: Even a simple flower pot saucer or soup plate filled with clear water fulfills this purpose. Some birds also used the trough for a cooling bath. Here, too, it is important to change the water regularly so that germs do not spread.

Be Careful When Visiting Cats on the Terrace

If you visit cats more often, you should consider an elevated or hanging bird bath – these are also suitable for the balcony, where there is generally less space. In addition, birds can better reach them on approach.

Incidentally, some bird species like to use a sand bathing area for plumage care. To do this, simply remove some humus in a sunny spot and fill the resulting hollow with fine sand. Here it would be good if the surrounding area was free of bushes – this would give the birds security from sneaking cats and other predators, according to the Naturschutzbund.

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