Is Your Garden Dog Safe?

Now it begins to sprout in the flower beds, lawns are fertilized, bulbs are planted and grills are picked out. The nightlife is wonderful but there is a dog in the picture. Especially for a curious little puppy, it can be a dangerous place.

– The grill is a place where many accidents occur and the dog can ingest things that it can not stand. And it can also burn itself, says Christine Ehrlander at Sveland Djurförsäkringar.

Corn cobs dangerous
– Dogs that steal food from the grill can get vomiting and diarrhea. If you are really unlucky, corn cobs (never give it to a dog!) Bone fragments and skewers can get stuck in your stomach or intestines. Then surgery can be the only salvation.

Other dangers are poisonous plants, such as horsetail and thimble flower. Various bulbous plants and the chemicals used in the garden such as snails. The pool is of course wonderful and it is often good for the dog to swim in it but never without supervision. And if you have a soft protective cloth, it is very important that the dog can not get under it, get stuck, and drown.

But the garden can of course also be a wonderful place for the dog. In the new issue of the magazine Härliga Hund issue 6/2017 which came out on 30/5, you get lots of good advice. Both how your garden will be dog-safe and what you can come up with to make it extra fun for the dog as well.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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