Is Your Cat Allergic to You?

Just like us humans, our pets can also have allergies, for example to pollen or food. But can cats be allergic to dogs – or even to humans? Yes, says science.

Do you notice that your cat suddenly scratches itself more often than usual? Maybe she will even develop dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin with red and oozing spots, open wounds, and loss of fur? Then it could very well be that your cat is allergic.

Common allergies in cats occur, for example, to certain foods or to flea saliva. In principle, like us humans, kitties can be allergic to a variety of environmental influences.

Against people too.

More precisely against our dandruff, i.e. the smallest skin or hair cells. Raelynn Farnsworth of the Veterinary Faculty of Washington State University told National Geographic that cats are allergic to humans only rarely.

Veterinarian Dr. Michelle Burch has never seen a case in her practice where a cat is allergic to humans. “People wash regularly. Fortunately, this reduces dandruff and the risk of allergies, ”she explains in the“ Catster ”magazine.

It is therefore very likely that your cat is not allergic to you, but to the things you surround yourself with. For example detergents and cleaning agents or skincare products.

The Cat May Be Allergic to Laundry Detergent or Other Household Products

If you notice that your cat may have an allergy, you should therefore think carefully about whether and what you have changed recently. Are you using a new detergent? A new cream or a new shampoo? Your vet will also ask you this question in order to diagnose a possible allergy in your kitty. It, therefore, helps to come to the practice well prepared.

If your cat sneezes more and more, it could also be irritated by a certain scent. These can be intensive perfumes, perfumed care products, but also room fresheners or essential oils.

If your kitty has been found to have an allergy, the first step is to ban the allergen, i.e. the trigger, from your house. If that is not possible or the trigger cannot be found, the vet can treat the allergy with, for example, autoimmune therapy or antipruritic medication. However, you should always discuss the exact treatment with your vet individually.

By the way, cats can also be allergic to dogs. There is of course always the risk that the cats will only pretend the dog allergy – so that the owner can finally send the stupid dog into the desert …

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