Is Your Cat Acting Weird? That Could Be the Reason

Is your kitty any different from usual? Changed eating habits, disorientation, lethargy – if your cat behaves strangely, this can indicate an illness.

What does it even mean when a cat behaves strangely? “Weird” mostly means behavior that your puss normally doesn’t show. Therefore, depending on the cat, it can mean something different. You know your velvet paw best and are therefore sure to recognize when something suddenly goes differently than usual.

In general, veterinarians describe unusual cat behavior as:

  • Changed eating behavior – for example, eat or drink more or less than usual;
  • Changed cat-shirt behavior;
  • Behavioral problems;
  • lethargy;
  • Changes in grooming;
  • Disorientation;
  • Unusual postures;
  • More meows or other noises than usual.

Your Cat is Depressed

Depending on how exactly your cat behaves, there can be different causes. One possibility: your cat is depressed or just sad. For example, behavior changes can occur after your second cat dies. The remaining kitty then mourns for her buddy. For example, when she suddenly no longer wants to eat, hides or neglects her coat care.

How can you help your cat in this situation? First of all, you should of course discuss the changes in behavior with your vet – also to rule out other possible causes. Then it helps if you give your kitty a lot of affection and attention to comfort her over the loss. In addition, you can play with her to distract her.

Your Cat is Sick

Cats tend to be pretty good at hiding that they’re in pain or sick. Even so, there are some quirks that suggest it. For example, when your kitty suddenly hardly drinks or drinks very much, when she withdraws or no longer uses the litter box.

Even if cats are not life-threateningly ill in most cases: In order to alleviate their suffering quickly, you should take them to the vet at the first signs of “strange” behavior.

Your Cat is Acting Strange Because It is Stressed

Many cats react sensitively to changes: moving, new roommates, a lot of noise – all of this can be unusual for your kitty at first and put her in the mood. Even if your cat feels threatened or maybe just doesn’t get along well with you, it can behave strangely – this manifests itself, for example, through aggression, but also an increased need for attention.

To relieve your cat’s stress, you should create the most stress-free environment possible for her. For example, it can help if your cat has quiet retreats or can take out its stress on a scratching post.

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