Is Swiffer Safe For Pets?

Swiffer wipes are safe for humans and pets. Reports to the contrary are rumors without any basis.

How often can Swiffer towels be used?

The handle of the Swiffer dust magnet and the Swiffer floor wiper can be reused until the usual good cleaning performance wears off.

Are swiffers good?

The Swiffer dust magnet (starter kit) convinces in the test by Stiftung Warentest with the quality rating “good” (1.7) and is therefore the test winner. In the current issue of the magazine “test” (04/2021), Stiftung Warentest examined 10 feather dusters.

How well does swiffer clean?

Dirt and bacteria collect in hard-to-reach places such as under sofas, beds and cupboards. Swiffer’s new antibacterial wet floor wipes can help here. They ensure effective cleaning at home and also remove up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Can you wet swiffer?

You can use the Swiffer floor wiper either with dry or with damp wipes.

What’s better than swiffer?

The test winner among the dusters: Vileda Microfibre Magic duster. The test result: The Vileda microfibre cloth achieved the “test” quality rating of “good (1.8)” and thus achieved the top ranking among dust cloths. It is washable and can absorb a lot of dust due to its size.

Can you clean windows with Swiffer?

Whether spring cleaning or in the middle of winter: With Swiffer you get everything under control! Tiles, windows, laminate or car interior cleaning – no matter which surface you want to bring back to shine, with the practical Swiffer products every cleaning becomes child’s play.

How environmentally friendly is swiffer?

Modern cleaning aids like the Swiffer dust magnet not only ensure growing mountains of rubbish, they also regularly take money out of your pocket because you have to keep buying the disposable cloths that go with them. Cleaning with a biodegradable universal cloth works just as well.

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