Is a Chihuahua Aggressive?

Chihuahuas are known to be nervous, fidgety, and even aggressive. There is definitely something to these statements. However, this is not due to the character and nature of the breed, but many breed representatives are pampered and not sufficiently socialized and educated.

Unfortunately, many owners still feel that a small dog like the Chihuahua doesn’t need proper training to be happy and educated. It gives the four-legged friend trust and confidence in his owner if he sets clear rules and assumes the role of the pack leader.

Sometimes Chihuahuas are also aggressive towards other dogs. Here it should be considered that most four-legged friends are a lot larger than a Chi, which can lead to insecurity in the small four-legged friend. He then goes into a defensive attitude and behaves aggressively towards conspecifics under certain circumstances. Early socialization and a puppy course in the dog school can counteract this.

It should also be mentioned that Chihuahuas choose a favorite person and that jealousy scenes can arise. Here, too, the little Chihuahuas bare their teeth, but this should be consistently prevented through training.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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