Ice Cubes and Shade: This is How Rabbits Survive Hot Days

The summer months can get tough for rabbits, especially when it gets really hot. Because rammers and rabbits can’t sweat. Your animal world tells you how you can help your long ears.

Small animals, in particular, are troubled by heat – they cannot sweat and, for example, hack the heat away like a dog. If you keep guinea pigs and rabbits outside, for example, you should pay attention to shady places of retreat in the enclosure.

Natural shade provided by trees or bushes is preferable. But areas with tiles, tiles, stones, or marble slabs in the outdoor enclosure, which keep the night cool longer, are also helpful.

Bags filled with ice cubes or ice packs also offer a welcome cooling. However, it is important to protect them so that the rodents cannot nibble on them – for example under a clay bowl.
Moist towels laid out over the enclosure, or some cold water on sandy sections of the outdoor enclosure can also counteract the heat.

Stroking the rabbit ears can also be very effective if owners have dipped their hands in a bowl of ice water beforehand. Rabbits can then dissipate some heat through their ears, which are well supplied with blood.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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