Hungarian Vizsla – Friendly Hunting Dog for Active Families

The Hungarian Vizsla inspires more and more dog lovers with its attentive eyes, curious floppy ears, and cheerful nature. The slender, medium-sized hound with a smooth, easy-grooming golden coat is known to be easy to train, playful, and friendly. Especially for active families who spend a lot of time outdoors, the Hungarian Pointer will make a suitable four-legged friend.

From Hunting Dog to Versatile Companion

The Hungarian Vizsla is a Hungarian dog breed. There is evidence of the first Vizsla-like hunting dog that lived and hunted with settlers in southeastern Europe about a thousand years ago. It is said that these dogs were already wearing a strong golden color, which we appreciate in this visually very attractive dog. The breeding known today did not appear until the 20th century. Originally bred primarily as a pointer and hunting companion, the Hungarian Vizsla has experienced a strong trend in recent years to become a family dog. It is all the more important to carefully consider the choice of a breeder and buy a puppy from a registered, recognized breeder.

Nature of the Hungarian Vizsla

Intelligence, the joy of movement and a significant part of the hunting instinct characterize, in particular, the Hungarian Vizsla survival. He is an incredibly fast learner and loves working with his people. In fact, work plays an important role in the life of this hunting dog breed: the Hungarian Vizsla loves to keep busy and desires both physical and mental exercise. Actions that challenge the head and nose are best suited. Play hidden object games, such as looking for treats in grass or leaves. Your Vizsla wants to experience something and needs the opportunity to train hard every day. Well socialized, trained, and busy, the smart cop is a great companion in everyday life and for families who love to play sports.

Training & Maintenance of the Hungarian Vizsla

Smart Hungarian Vizsla learns with you and from you from the first day in a new home. At the beginning of the game, puppies learn all their lives – use this time to show your Hungarian Vizsla the world! But: with this lively breed that loves to learn, lots of breaks and training rest periods are just as important as games, sports, and teams. The hunting instinct cannot be underestimated. Some of the Hungarian Vizsla breeding lines are still actively used in hunting and are preferably given to hunters. But animals from breeding lines focused on companion dogs also have a noticeable hunting instinct. This can make life difficult with cats and small animals. This works best when the puppy moves in with existing pets. Similarly, it can happen that your Vizsla is interested in the game when it works for free. Good basic education and regular replacement hunter classes and play sessions will help you control the hunting instinct.

Caring for the Hungarian Vizsla

Careful combing of the short, soft coat and occasional bathing with dog shampoo ensures a beautiful sheen. It is recommended to check the ears, teeth, and nails about once a week. For the health of the Hungarian Vizsla, it is important to pay attention to the slender line. With good care, lots of exercises and proper feeding, the golden hunting dog with a cute inquisitive face can live up to 15 years.

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