How to Know If Your Cat is Your Soulmate?

Do you sometimes feel that you are closer to your cat than some people? Your cat could also see you as a kind of soul mate. How you can tell – and why cats can be so important to us humans.

Sometimes cats are just the better people – some animal lovers are sure of that. But can your cat also be your soul mate?

You can tell from these six points:

Your Cat Has a Temperament Similar to You

Would you have thought that your personality could rub off on your cat too? In a study, researchers at the Universities of Nottingham Trent and Lincoln found that cat owners with sociable personalities were more likely to have cats that are barely aggressive or aloof.

“Chances are that how we treat and care for pets affects pets, and our differences in personality affect those factors,” said Lauren Finka, one of the study’s authors “Telegraph”.

Your Cat Fits Your Lifestyle

Just like us, of course, our cats have different personalities – and different preferences. While some prefer to just lounge on the sofa, others are real adventure cats. And best of all, the lifestyle of your cat corresponds to your own. If you prefer it calm and relaxed, but your cat constantly demands action, everyday life can eventually become exhausting …

You Don’t Force Your Cat to Be Close to You

With their fluffy fur, they invite you to embrace them immediately and exuberantly. But for many cats, this is too much closeness. Cat owners who understand their kitty’s needs don’t force them to be close. Instead, the cat can decide for itself when and how many pats it wants.

Your Cat Treats You Like a Cat

How can you tell if your cat likes you and regards you as one of their own? If she treats you like a cat! The velvet paws, for example, show their affection by rubbing against each other. Slow blinking and gentle head buttons also clearly express the love of your cat.

When your cat behaves like this towards you, it not only shows that she accepts you – but that she values you as part of her family.

Your Cat Leads the Life That You Secretly Wish for Yourself

Do you sometimes look at your puss with envy and wish you a simple life like her? No wonder the cat feels like a soul mate to you: it lives the life of your dreams! After all, the everyday life of the velvet paws mainly consists of eating, sleeping, romping around, playing, and receiving pats. Who would not want that?

Cats are Just the Best Company

Sure, you can’t have in-depth conversations with your kitty or laugh at jokes. Even so, many would always prefer their cat’s company to humans. No wonder: We just feel good in their presence, relax and listen to the purring and enjoy playing together. Cats don’t ask annoying questions and are always there for us.

Do you prefer to spend an evening with your cat on the sofa than with friends in the bar? Then that’s another ultimate sign that your soulmate has four paws, fluffy fur, and a rough tongue …

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