How To Find A Reputable Cat Breeder

Nothing beats the welfare of your kitty. But not all breeders see it that way. Use this checklist to find a reputable breeder.


The breeder must be registered in a breed club. If this is not the case, he cannot give papers to the kitten. He may also have something to hide and is therefore not registered.


A reputable breeder will be happy to give you a tour of their home and show you how the animals live. The house should make a good impression, and be clean and tidy. Of course, it can smell a bit like cats, because tomcats like to mark things.

Mother animal

Be sure to let the breeder show you the dam and possibly also the father of the kitten. At least the mother cat must live in the household. If only the kittens can be presented, this is a very bad sign which should discourage you from buying an animal.

Less is more

The breeder should have specialized in a maximum of two breeds. Anything else creates chaos and uncontrolled breeding. Reputable cat breeders limit themselves to this so that they can give the offspring enough attention and care.

The perfect impression

The young animals must make a well-groomed impression. Sticky eyes and dirty ears are bad signs that you should definitely take note of. In this case, a purchase should not be an option for you.

The breeder should also be experienced enough to be able to tell you with certainty whether you are considering a cat or a male. How to recognize the gender of the cat yourself, read here.

Duty age

The minimum delivery age for kittens is 13 weeks. The breeder must adhere to this. If he delivers the animals earlier, do not buy a cat from him.

Contact Person

If the breeder has something to do with his animals, he will be at your side at any time (even after the purchase) with advice and action. He answers all questions competently and shows interest in where his cats are placed.

Proof of Health

A reliable breeder will deliver the little velvet paw fully vaccinated and with a health certificate issued by the veterinarian.


A responsible breeder only sells his animals with a cat protection contract. It regulates all legal aspects of the purchase.

He will also give you a feeding schedule. He will also pack the kitten’s usual food for you for the first few days so that the little dwarf can start at home as easily as possible.

Price Check

Kittens cost a lot of money because the costs don’t stop with the equipment for the kitten. Bear in mind that the breeder not only bears the veterinary costs but also the mating and feed costs before giving the animals away. If the price seems too cheap to you, the breeder must have saved somewhere. That’s a bad sign. In this case, you should therefore refrain from making a purchase.

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