How To Find A Dog

A responsible breeder or a shelter dog?

“Do I adopt a dog from an animal shelter or do I get a puppy from the breeder?” – this question will inevitably arise if you have decided on a dog as an animal roommate. Countless dogs are given up at animal shelters and are waiting for a new homes. More and more animal welfare organizations and foster homes in Germany and abroad are trying to place dogs in good hands. In addition, there is the offer from pet shops, breeders, and private individuals – it is difficult to keep track of things. Here you can find out what you should consider when making your decision.

The Suitable Breeder – Would you like to be a dog here?

If you are looking to adopt a puppy from a breeder, there are a few things you should be aware of, as reputable breeders are rare. It is best to find out in advance whether the breeder in question is a member of a pedigree dog breed association (in Germany the “Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen, VDH”). For this, the breeders must adhere to certain breeding requirements of the association. The dogs of the breeder must i.a. vaccinated, dewormed, and chipped. Ideally, you should check with several breed clubs for the breed requirements, health records, and usual prices for your favorite breed of dog.

In order to get a more precise impression, a non-binding appointment with the breeder is a good idea, where you can look at the property and the animals. Put yourself in the shoes of your four-legged friend: would you like to be a dog in this place? Ideally, the puppies should be allowed to romp around in the house as well as in an adjoining garden and have varied employment opportunities at their disposal: Only through contact with people and conspecifics do they have the opportunity to develop healthy social behavior. All puppies should be in the best of health and never separated from the mother dog.

The breeder should take a lot of time for you and give you comprehensive advice – even if you do not intend to buy yet. He should be able to describe the characteristics of the breed and the characters of the individual dogs, to recommend and offer you suitable food, even after you have taken over the puppy (at the earliest at the age of eight, preferably ten weeks) if you have any questions or problems to be the contact person. Once you have decided on a breeder, they will also ask you to visit the puppies several times before handing them over, so that they can be sure that the dog is in good hands. When you sign a purchase contract, you will be given your vaccination card or EU pet passport immediately.

Your contribution to animal welfare: A dog from the animal shelter

Not only animal shelters but also clubs, animal welfare organizations, and private animal rights activists mediate dogs and are often even specialized in certain breeds. In any case, animal welfare offers you the opportunity to find the right animal companion.

If you would like to adopt a dog from animal welfare, the respective provider should offer you an in-depth insight into their activities. When adopting a dog, e.g. B. not to a usual sales contract: The dog is mediated for a nominal fee with a sales contract. Organizations tend to place dogs in shelters or foster homes, so you should definitely have the opportunity to learn more about and get to know the dog directly from the animal’s current handler. You can also recognize seriousness by the fact that the responsible persons try to arrange everything for you. Extensive advice is essential, especially with a dog from an animal shelter. So e.g. For example, a dog that previously lived on the streets has a completely different story than a dog that was raised by a family and later given up. Also, keep in mind that a rescue dog’s behavior may change in the new home: it may take a few months for stable relationships to form. Only if you know as much as possible about the history and characteristics of the dog can you ultimately make the best decision for you and your four-legged friend.

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