How To Draw A Deer

Wildlife inspires many of us. So what could be more obvious than to capture the animals that live outside in the forest, on the mountains, and in the fields with pencil and brush? Almost all children enjoy drawing and painting, and this book is intended to help step by step to put wild animals on paper with simple strokes. All we need is a pencil and a piece of paper – and eraser can also be of great help. However, the pencil should not be too hard, you can draw broad, clear lines much better with a soft pencil. Pay attention to the letters on the pencil, they tell you how hard or soft the pencil lead is. H stands for hard and B for soft leads; the most commonly used is 2B.

The book attempts to depict a few animals with simple circles and lines at first. So you can practice easily and put the animals together from simple parts. Look around and you will see that everything fits into one shape, whether round, triangular or rectangular – depending on whether your view is of a tree, a mountain, or a house. You can break down what you see into individual parts and put them back together again. In this way, your eye will be trained. If you draw a lot, it will become easier and easier for you to stop thinking.

Drawing is an important practice, just like writing at school because it gives you a practiced hand over time. If you paint an entire picture in color, you can also show where the animal lives, what it is doing, whether the sun is just rising behind the mountains in the early morning, or whether it is high in the sky at noon. With colors, you achieve a very special effect. For this reason, a whole picture is added to the pencil drawings of the animals. Just so you can see what you can do. Have fun practicing!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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