How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At PetSmart?

What is the youngest age to work at PetSmart?

PetSmart has a very diverse age group, at least in the IT department. The company is very young at heart and is always seeking to provide the best working environment for its staff. 16 to work there, 18 to care for animals.

18 years old.

Does PetSmart have cameras in the grooming room accordingly?

The retailer will begin installing cameras in all of its grooming salons to give pet owners peace of mind that their pets are receiving the best possible care from the highly skilled grooming staff, officials at the Phoenix-headquartered company said.

Next, get a discount for working at PetSmart?

Merchandise: All PetSmart Partners receive a 15% discount on all merchandise and services. A few times a year we extend the discount to PetSmart friends and family members!

Does PetSmart give holiday pay?

Company policy states that hourly full-time employees will receive eight hours of vacation pay if they work their scheduled shift before and after the holidays. All hourly workers who work on public holidays are paid one and a half times their hourly rate for that day.

Do PetSmart employees get raises in this regard?

Based on feedback from 14 PetSmart employees, most of them said they get a raise every year. Compared to all departments at PetSmart, 75% of the sales team members received a raise each year.

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