How Much Exercise Does a Puppy Need?

The puppy – is an incredibly playful and curious creature that is constantly exploring. But finding the right balance of exercise and rest isn’t always easy, as puppies often seem tireless. However, the right amount of exercise is essential for the physical and physical development of the dog.

This article is all about how much exercise is healthy for your pup’s development. You’ll also get useful information about the effects too much or too little exercise can have on your pup.

Movement in puppies is to be considered individually

The puppy’s need for exercise varies depending on the breed of dog. There are also differences during the growth phase depending on the size of the dog breed.

It is essential to ensure that bones and joints are not overstrained. Climbing stairs must be avoided at all costs. In large dogs, the growth phase is not completed until 16 to 18 months, while in small breeds it is already 10 to 12 months. Medium-sized dogs are fully grown at around 12 to 14 months.

The age of the puppy is also important. A 12-week-old dog needs a relatively little exercise, while a several-month-old puppy may be different.

Consequences of overload

Puppies quickly overestimate themselves or find no end in their turbulent activity. You must take on the task of protecting the dog from overload during this phase. This means slowing down the puppy when it overestimates itself and its possibilities and preventing it from jumping high or climbing stairs, for example.

The puppy’s bones and joints are not fully grown. Heavy use during the growth phase can result in joint damage, which the dog often has to struggle with for the rest of its life.

Therefore, make sure to adjust the puppy’s level of exercise to its age and individual needs.

Consequences if the load is too low

Maintaining a healthy level of exercise is especially important for your puppy’s development. Even too little exercise can have fatal consequences for your puppy. Physical underdevelopment or malformations occur because muscles and tendons need movement to develop strong and healthy.

In addition, since exercise also contributes to a dog’s healthy brain activity, the puppy will atrophy mentally.

Too little exercise in puppyhood has extremely negative consequences for the dog, both physically and psychologically.

Rule of thumb: 5 minutes of exercise per month of life

Now the question arises as to how many minutes you should walk your puppy at a time to ensure optimal development and at the same time not put too much strain on him.

As a rule of thumb, plan a five-minute walk at a time for every month of the puppy’s life. So this means that with a three-month-old puppy, for example, you should plan 15 minutes per walk.

Of course, you don’t need to have a stopwatch with you every time. Also, every puppy is an individual.

Use this guideline as a rough guide and always pay attention to your puppy’s needs and signals during the walk. If the puppy sits down after about ten minutes and doesn’t want to continue walking, you should take a break, even if the guideline says that you can continue walking a little longer. This way you can be sure to give him the optimal amount of exercise without running the risk of overtaxing him.

If you would like to go for a longer walk, there is the option of putting the puppy in a dog buggy, also known as a dog buggy. This serves as a means of transport for dogs and is pushed like a pram. The dog buggy is particularly suitable for weak and young dogs that cannot cover long distances.


A healthy level of exercise is essential to your pup’s physical and mental development. Too much or too little exercise can have long-lasting negative effects on your dog’s body and mind. Therefore, you should make sure to offer your puppy the optimal amount of exercise.

As a guideline, heed the 5-minute rule of thumb when walking your dog and pay attention to its individual needs and signals.

This will ensure that your puppy develops into a strong and healthy dog, both physically and mentally.

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