How Much Does A Paradox Bearded Dragon Cost?

A common baby bearded dragon costs $40 – $75 but adult morphs can cost over $900. There are many options (e.g. expo, pet stores, and private breeders) when buying a bearded dragon.

How much is a paradox morph bearded dragon?

The most expensive bearded dragons are the zero and paradox morphs. These two morphs are incredibly rare and sell for between $800 and $1,200. Perhaps the most striking is the paradox morph. These morphs have blotches of two different colors.

What is the rarest bearded dragon?

One such morph is known as a Paradox bearded dragon. It’s one of the rarest morphs in the bearded dragon world, and there’s a lot of confusion as to what exactly a Paradox dragon is. These dragons have unique markings without a discernable pattern.

What is a paradox bearded dragon?

Paradox bearded dragons have patches of color that appear to occur randomly anywhere on the body, with no pattern or symmetry to them. They often look as if paint splattered on them, leaving patches of color wherever the paint happened to land.

What is the cheapest bearded dragon?

  • Silky Bearded Dragon (babies) – $35/ each
  • Silky Bearded Dragon (adults w/ slight nip tails) – $45/ each
  • Cuban Anoles – as low as $6/ each
  • Hypo San Matias Rosy Boa (babies) – $75/ each
  • Hypo Coastal Rosy Boa (babies) – $75/ each
  • Hualien Mt Rosy Boa (babies) – $60/ each
  • Coastal Rosy Boa (babies) – $60/ each

How much is a zero bearded dragon?

Because of their closeness to Albinos, Zero morphs are the most expensive bearded dragon and cost $300 – $900. Zeros are a silver-white color and do not have any patterns.

Are there blue bearded dragons?

Blue and purple bearded dragons are very rare and can only happen when this translucent species retains their color into adulthood.

Can bearded dragons feel love?

So, do bearded dragons love their owners? The answer is an astounding YES. Bearded dragons become attached to their owners, no different than how a dog or cat would.

Do bearded dragons have teeth?

Bearded dragons can have up to 80 teeth that run all the way around their jaws in a ‘U’ shape (like the human mouth). They’ve got two different types of tooth; one type on the upper jaw, and another type on the lower jaw. Each tooth is made up of a hard enamel coating, followed by a body made of dentin.

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