How Many Teats Does A Dog Have? A Dog Professional Clears Up!

You can often only recognize a bitch’s teats if she has short fur. If they have longer fur, they can only be felt. This also applies to male dogs and their nipples.

That’s a good thing, because if the teats are swollen outside of heat, it can indicate an infection or disease.

So it is not surprising that the question arises as to how many teats a dog actually has.

Do you also find it interesting to know which teats produce the most milk and why male dogs have nipples in the first place?

If you want to feel confident about teat technology, you should definitely read this article. Have fun!

In a nutshell: How many teats do dogs have?

Most dogs have between 8 and 10 teats. That means both males and females. However, the number of teats can vary between 6 and 12, regardless of the size of your dog. The teats are located on the underside of the abdomen in two rows to the side of the navel.

In dogs with a thick coat, the flat nipples are difficult to see or feel. If they are swollen when your dog is not in heat, it may indicate an infection or disease.

How many teats does a female dog have?

Most females have 8 to 10 teats.

However, the number can vary between 6 and 12. Contrary to what is assumed, the number of teats is not related to body size. Even a small bitch can have 12 teats.

Some females also have an odd number of teats, for example 7 or 9.

Nature has provided her with so many teats so that she can suckle as many of her puppies as possible at the same time. Clever!

How many nipples does a male have?

On average, males have between 8 and 10 nipples.

They look similar to a female’s, except they cannot change shape or grow larger. No puppies have to suck on it either. Also smart!


So the question arises, why do male dogs even have teats?

The answer to this is: When the little ones grow up in the womb, up to a certain stage it is not yet possible to tell whether it will be a male or a female.

According to this, nature first equips all small puppies with sufficient teats and later decides whether they will give milk or not.

Where are the dog’s teats located?

The teats are located on the underside of the abdomen in both male and female dogs. To the left and right of the navel, starting from the groin area, they are placed in two rows.

Normally, the tissue on the abdomen lies flat, making it difficult to feel the teats. Only in a bitch in heat can the milk ridges swell and thus milk enter the teats.

Attention danger!

If something seems strange to you, e.g. if your dog’s teats are very swollen, inflamed, or leaking when she is not on heat (this also applies to male dogs), it is better to contact a veterinarian!

Which teats give the most milk?

The rear teats give more milk than the front teats.

That is why they are also the most popular places among the puppies and are highly competitive.


If a puppy from a litter drinks rather moderately, you should put it on the back teats and let it suckle there.


As a rule, all dogs have between 8 and 10 teats. Both females and males.

Depending on their color and coat structure, they are often hardly or not at all visible to the naked eye. Feeling the teats is also not always easy because they lie flat against the stomach.

A female’s teats swell during heat. This is normal, because then she produces milk.

If your bitch’s teats are severely swollen, inflamed, or leaking fluid outside of heat (this also applies to male dogs), you should visit the veterinarian to rule out any illnesses.

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