How Does a Dog Choose Its Caregiver? (Counselor)

The one question that occupies all dog owners is guaranteed: does my dog ​​see me as his reference person?

We humans and dogs have a lot in common. Among other things, we also choose reference persons who meet our needs such as affection, security, and attention.

I think you landed on this article for a reason. Maybe you live in a multi-person household, the dog belongs to you, but has another family member chosen as a caregiver?

You will also find some tips on how you can become the absolute number 1 in your dog’s life.

In a nutshell: how does a dog choose its caregiver?

Dogs are opportunists. This means nothing other than that they choose the one from whom they expect the most benefits.

If a person offers their dog trust, security, adventure, food, and affection of good, honest quality, this person automatically becomes the dog’s attachment figure.

Quality clearly comes before quantity here. This means that the time spent together must be of good quality in the eyes of the dog, it must be worthwhile for him and he must know that he only gets it so good with you.

How does a dog choose its human?

Dogs look for people to be their caregivers who will satisfy their entire needs. This is not about who moves or feeds the dog, but who also gives it security, structure, trust and affection.

A dog chooses a human according to the following criteria as a reference person.


Dogs have a good radar and will sense immediately if you do something half-heartedly or casually.

If you spend time with your dog, do it out of conviction, be passionate about it and above all: be in the moment.

When doing activities together with their four-legged friend, many dog ​​owners are only busy on the cell phone and do not concentrate on the situation. Your dog feels this…

Security and trust

Your dog needs to feel like they can rely on you 100%. For you, this means that you deal with your dog’s fears and problems and constantly work on them together with him.

Working and experiencing together not only promotes your dog’s self-confidence, but also your mutual bond.

Clear rules in everyday life make you as a caregiver predictable for your dog. He can count on you because he knows what you expect and how you act.

The word leadership also fits very well here. If you lead your dog well and confidently, this means your dog knows very well that he can rely on you in any situation. This gives him security and confidence.

Quality comes before quantity

Do you think the dog chooses the person who spends the most time with him? This is not entirely correct. Dogs seek out the person they know will have their needs met!

What do you think is more interesting for your dog: A long walk, where he can simply act out his urge to move, or a slightly shorter, crisp round where you play with him or do some work? More like the second. Because you give your dog what it actually wants. Not only movement, but also excitement, unpredictable action and adventure.

Try it! Build something interesting, unforeseen into your excursions. You will notice how your bond with your dog improves. Because he knows: It’s cool! Something happens that I enjoy! What’s next?

My tip: learning new things together promotes bonding

Try something new with your dog that is exciting for both of you! This not only welds you together, but is also a lot of fun for both of you! For example, have you ever tried mantrailing?

This is incredibly fun for most dogs. Since it is purely mental work, you will have a satisfied, busy dog after the training.

The good thing about mantrailing is you don’t have to buy a lot of supplies. A suitable harness and a towing line are sufficient.

Physical near

How often is it that you unconsciously pet your dog when he is lying next to you and your mind is somewhere else?

Dogs have a very keen sense of our feelings and quickly realize how seriously your attention is meant.

However, if you give your dog your full attention while you are dealing with him, you are fulfilling his need for contact and closeness. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to pet your dog 24 hours a day!

But a loving, honest, above all coming from your heart, a prank is worth a lot to your dog.

How do I know that I am my dog’s caregiver?

If your dog perceives you as his reference person, he will orient himself to you, no matter what situation he is in. He will ask more questions and rely on you completely. If the trust is right, he will turn to you even in conflict and stressful situations.

Dogs like to spend time close to their caregivers. They often lie somewhere peaceful and relaxed, knowing that the caregiver has everything under control.


Dogs choose their caregivers based on who is able to meet all of their needs. You can achieve that you become the focus of your dog with relatively simple means.

Remember, every dog is unique and has different needs. But with targeted actions on your part, you can easily sneak into your dog’s heart!

Was this still too little information on this topic for you?

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