Hot Summer: How to Help Your Dog on Hot Days

We humans aren’t the only ones worried about high temperatures – your dog needs to cool down, just like you do when it’s hot. Here are some tips to help you cool down your dog.

Typically, your dog tries to cool his body by breathing heavily – this is not always enough and you need to help him.

Dog owners should follow two basic principles: Dogs should always have access to a bowl of water during the summer. And a shady hideaway is essential, whether in the basement or in the kitchen.

The correct daily amount of water for your dog depends on the breed. One thing is for sure: if the dog is mostly fed dry food, he should drink more. Because, unlike wet food, the liquid is not absorbed here.

Walking the Dog Despite the Heat? You Must Pay Attention to This

There is also a danger to your dog when walking in the summer – especially overheated asphalt can cause burns or swelling of the skin.

To test if the asphalt is too hot for your dog, we recommend using the seven-second rule: you place the back of your hand on the asphalt for seven seconds. If it’s too hot for your hand, then it will be hot for your dog too.

Better Not to Use Ice Water

In addition, so-called cooling mats, whose gel is colder than the environment, can give your dog the refreshment it needs. Because especially adult dogs find it more difficult to regulate their own body temperature in summer.

In case of overheating, wet compresses are a good way to cool down the limbs. Important: under no circumstances should you pour ice water on the dog, as this can lead to impaired blood circulation.

Yummy Treat: Dog Ice Cream

Dog ice cream can also be a delicious treat for animals. You can, for example, mix cottage cheese with fruit and freeze.

If the dog has a sensitive stomach, it is better to refuse to refrigerate the animals. And one more thing: the ice cream we two-legged friends get at the ice cream parlor is not suitable for dogs because it contains too much sugar and lactose.

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