Horsefly: What You Should Know

A horsefly is an insect that belongs to the flies family. There are many types of brakes. Horseflies suck the blood of animals or people to feed on. They are about 1-2 centimeters tall and only have two wings.

Horseflies lay many small eggs. A larva hatches from an egg. When this maggot has eaten its fill, a new horsefly develops from it. They can become a real nuisance on hot, muggy days in summer. Horseflies can also transmit diseases with their sting.

If a horsefly stings, you can feel it immediately as the sting is quite painful. Horseflies are attracted to sweat and will even bite through clothing. They are particularly common near cows or horses. The animals keep driving the pests away with their tails. They use their ears on their faces. The cows in particular have had some success with this, including in the area of the eyes.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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