Here Is Why Your Cats May Be Plotting To Kill You

Is there a wild cat in your house tiger? Yes, claims a new study. The researchers come to the conclusion that if your cat got bigger, it would be justified to worry that it will kill you.

On quiet paws in the first place: cats are the most popular pets in Germany. In 2020 around 15.7 million cats lived in German households – in comparison with other Western European countries, most cats are kept in Germany.

And cat owners are convinced: Not only do we love cats – they love us too. And scientists have already confirmed that. If, for example, they give us a head nut or wink at us, then that is a real token of love.

There are Extreme Parallels to the Wildcats

But a new study now says exactly the opposite. There the researchers claim: Cats would kill us – if they got bigger. Because, according to the scientists at the University of Edinburgh: There are extreme parallels between house cats and their bigger brothers, the wild cats. Neurotic behavior and aggression in particular are similarly pronounced.

And that also means: If they were as big as their wild brothers, they would also act like them: “When a person stands next to a group of lions, everything can go well,” says research director Dr. Max quail. “But they can also jump off and attack people for no reason. The same goes for domestic cats. They are cute and cuddly and curl up on your bed … But within a second their mood can change. ”

Cats are Small, Aggressive Predators

However, this finding is not entirely new: there was a study on this topic as early as 2015. “Cats are small, aggressive predators. Only their small size prevents them from realizing their full predatory qualities, ”explained Dr. Wachtel back then in a radio interview.

Incidentally, there are special “risk” cats: Especially female cats with three-colored fur or tortoiseshell patterns are quick to behave aggressively towards their owners, according to researchers from the University of California. Black and white specimens would also often become scratch brushes. Animals with black, white, or gray tiger fur, on the other hand, are tame and balanced.

There are No Taboos for Cats

In the current study, the researchers found something else: our house cats want power. In most cases there are no taboos for cats: They sleep in bed, run over tables and jump on shelves. And when it comes to food, people don’t ask politely but shout out loud. That is why scientists are also certain: When it comes to love, we humans simply have naive ideas.

But let’s be honest: nothing and no one can convince true cat lovers of the opposite. Or?!

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