Guinea Pigs Don’t Like It Too Bright

Have you ever wondered if your guinea pig has a favorite color? Have you ever noticed that your guinea pig gets nervous when it’s too light? There is a very simple reason for this: Guinea pigs cannot constrict their pupils like humans. So you cannot regulate the incidence of light and quickly get stressed if it is too bright in your cage. Even bright colors that reflect the light too much tend to scare off the small escape animals – they blind the animals.

Guinea Pigs Know Only a Few Colors

So that your little rodent feels comfortable with you, you should not set up its cage in bright colors, but rather use natural, darker colors. It doesn’t have to be colorful for guinea pigs – they feel most comfortable in shades of brown, green, and gray. This is not the least due to the fact that they can only perceive a small spectrum of colors with their eyes. Blue and green are almost the only colors that the rodents can accurately assign.

Green is the Color of the Lining

If you use litter for the cage of your rodents, then you should always mix it with a lot of hay. This breaks the light color and at the same time creates a “delicious” surface. Is there a guinea pig’s favorite color? Perhaps. The rodents react particularly positively to the color green. But this is mainly due to the fact that it is associated with delicious food – fresh grass and hay are green, as are apples and cucumbers. Of course, guinea pigs quickly realize that this color has many advantages. So if you have to calm the animals down – for example on the way to the vet – then a green blanket or green light will help them feel good.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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