Getting Cats To The Vacuum Cleaner

For many cats, the vacuum cleaner is the object of hate par excellence. As soon as he is used, they flee. But that need not be. Read here which vacuum cleaners are particularly suitable for cats and how to get your cat used to them.

Hardly any cat owner does not know it: As soon as the vacuum cleaner is on the way, the cat flees. No wonder: the volume and size of a conventional vacuum cleaner can be very threatening to cats. Especially shy and fearful cats can be permanently frightened by this “noisy monster”.

It takes a lot of patience to get a cat used to a vacuum, especially if it has had a bad history with it. For the cat, the vacuum cleaner is primarily an unfamiliar and threatening device. For the cat, his appearance always comes as a surprise and then the noise starts right away. Escape is then the cat’s only way out of the danger that is in its territory.

Robot Vacuums are Less Scary

A solution for cats who are afraid of vacuum cleaners is offered by robot vacuum cleaners: They are smaller and quieter, which makes them less of a threat to a cat. Many models can be adjusted and controlled via the app: Which helps to establish fixed routines.

Cats quickly learn when the robot starts working and can react more calmly. Getting used to it should be done step by step:

  • It is best to initially associate the mere presence of the new robot with something positive, such as a treat.
  • If the cat tolerates the robot, it can be put into operation.
  • Every time the cat stays calm or behaves curiously, it gets a reward.

So the vacuum cleaner robot is quickly accepted. In addition, the robot can also simply do its work in a room where the cat is not currently present.

Vacuum cleaner robots are now available in different price ranges. Many models have been specially developed for cleaning in animal households. If you want to test whether a vacuum cleaner robot is the right one, you can choose a cheaper model with less suction power.

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