Geographic Distribution of Urutu Snakes: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: Urutu Snakes

Urutu snakes, also known as Bothrops alternatus, are venomous snakes native to South America. They are often found in grasslands, forests, and savannas, and can grow up to six feet in length. These snakes are known for their distinctive diamond-shaped heads and patterned scales. They are a significant predator in their ecosystems, and their venom is used to subdue prey and as a defense mechanism.

Habitat and Range: Where Urutu Snakes Live

Urutu snakes are found throughout South America, from Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay. They are most commonly found in grasslands and savannas, but can also be found in forests and other types of habitats. They are particularly abundant in the Amazon rainforest, where they play a vital role in the ecosystem as predators of small mammals and birds. Urutu snakes are also known to thrive in agricultural areas where they can prey on rodents and other pests.

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