Fruit: What You Should Know

A fruit is a part of a plant. The fruit emerges from the flower. Inside the fruit are the seeds of the plant. A new plant can later develop from such seeds. However, not all plants bear fruit. Mosses or ferns reproduce with spores. Whether a plant bears fruit or not is an important point in the classification of the different types of plants.

Fruits bring an advantage to the plant: when animals or humans eat them, they cannot digest most of the seeds. So they go through the stomach and get to a place with droppings that can be far away from the plant. This way the plants will spread faster.

Edible fruits are commonly called fruit, but some vegetables are also called fruit. Some fruits are surrounded by a pod, such as peas or beans. Other fruits are juicy and have fleshy parts like the peach. We usually call small fruits, which are usually very colorful and juicy, berries.

The largest fruits in the world are the giant pumpkins. In Switzerland, a pumpkin weighing more than a ton was harvested in 2014.

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