Floating Cleaning Aids: This is How the Aquarium Stays Clean

An aquarium is an eye-catcher in every apartment – but only if it has clean windows and clear water. That can mean a lot of effort. Magnetic wipers for the windows are a quick remedy – but they are usually not enough for stubborn algae infestation. There are real cleaning aids among the animals who are only too happy to relieve you of the work in the water. You should therefore definitely hire the following animal helpers.


Armored catfish and suckling catfish are tireless when it comes to removing algae from panes, plants, and roots in an aquarium. With their mouths, they scrape and grate the green particles permanently and eat them. Armored catfish, on the other hand, are well suited for use on the ground: Because they search non-stop for food on the soft ground, they swallow a lot of organic material and clean the ground at the same time.

Algae Tetra and Algae Barbel

These two fish are suitable for cleaning corners and flow areas. Siamese trunk barbs with their thin bodies come into every corner – their favorite foods include brush, green and bearded algae. Algae tetra like a magnetic cloth absorbs threads of algae that swim in the current. This is a real help, especially when it comes to the area of ​​the filter.

Water Snails

They are not only beautiful to look at and are tolerated by the fish as roommates: water snails such as helmets, bowls, apple, antler, or racing snails are also true algae killers. Naturally, they tend to travel slowly and comfortably – but they are very hungry. Definitely worth it.


Young Amano shrimp are among the most effective thread algae eaters there are. While snails tend to take care of film-like algae coverings, these shrimp eat the annoying thread algae. Dwarf shrimps, on the other hand, eat against all kinds of deposits in the aquarium – this also includes young brush algae.

You are Also in Demand!

But if you think that you don’t have to do anything with the swimming cleaning crew yourself, you’re wrong. The little swimmers can at best delay the pollution of an aquarium – regular water changes and floor cleaning are therefore still compulsory!

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