First Puppy: How A Dog Gets Used To A New Home

Have you decided to have a new family member – a puppy? Then take your time! An overview of what you need to do to make your puppy feel comfortable with you from the start.

Exciting weeks lie ahead when a puppy moves into the home. Then a course is set for harmonious coexistence with a member of the animal family.

“The most important thing is to spend a lot of time on the little creature first,” says dog trainer and podcaster Rickard Kraikmann. Many would underestimate this. Because puppies cannot be alone for long, because the bladder cannot handle it and they break things unattended.

In addition, clear rules and structure should be established in the first few weeks. “Basically, training starts on the first day,” says Kraikmann. There is also plenty to do before check-in.

Create a Safe Environment for Your Puppy

In order not to endanger your own things and, above all, the health of the puppy, the trainer recommends crawling around the apartment on all fours and thinking well that a small dog can swallow and destroy.

These include poisonous houseplants and all cables that are best protected by a cable reel or run farther from the ground. The legs of the table and chair, dear to you, should be disguised. If possible, carpets should be temporarily stored in the cellar and shoes should always be placed on the shelves.

Be especially careful with children’s toys, such as Lego bricks, as they can be swallowed. You should also check if the dog can fall over the balcony railing and if there are holes in the fence.

Build Trust and Avoid Being Overwhelmed

It is a common mistake that new owners expect too much of the puppy in the first few weeks. It is a common myth that a dog has to go through everything one day before he is 16 weeks old.

The first few weeks, as with people in their earliest childhood, are extremely formative and critical to further development. Therefore, the puppy must first come home and gain confidence. Everything else can be gradually introduced to him even after the first 16 weeks.

Your Puppy Needs a Lot of Sleep and Rest

You do not need to let your puppy sleep alone for the first few nights, you can, for example, put a dog cage in the bedroom. This will give you a better idea of when your baby is due to leave. However, it is not recommended to set an alarm to walk your puppy every few hours.

Because puppies need a lot of sleep, some up to 20 hours. You should definitely indulge them with this because it is extremely important for development. If puppies are constantly waking up and not resting, then they are completely overworked. They must sleep to process all the new experiences.


What, how much and how often should the puppy eat? For the first few days, you should stick to the food that the breeder previously fed. When the puppy arrives at the new home, it will be quite interesting. In this case, changing feed becomes an additional burden.

In general, it is recommended to feed the puppies special high-quality food, corresponding to the size of the dog breed. According to the veterinarian, feeding raw meat, are completely unsuitable for puppies.

Training and Games

If puppies and young dogs put too much stress on bones and muscles, this can have serious consequences for the musculoskeletal system.

During the growth phase, jumping off the couch and climbing stairs should be avoided as much as possible. However, playing with your puppy is important because it strengthens the bond.

Small runs across the meadow, shelter for treats, or tug and wrestling games are good options. However, you should use dog toys and items because the dog’s sharp milk teeth in the hand are quite sore.

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