Finnish Lapphund – From Sami Working Dog to Family Dog

The Finnish Lapphund has been a reliable herding and hunting dog for many centuries. Today, the rare Suomenlapinkoira, as it is called in Finland, is a companion as sociable as it is uncomplicated. Trusting dogs, peaceful and loving children, ideal as a family dog.

Deer Keeper Dogs

In their native Lapland, the Sámi have used the Finnish Lapphund, or Suomenlapinkoira, as a guard and herding dog for reindeer for centuries. Since it was first classified as a dog breed in 1945, its popularity as a pet has increased. Its name has changed several times, in 1993 the name “Finnish Lapphund” was adopted.

Personality of the Finnish Lapphund

Do you love outdoor exercise and want to have a peaceful, alert dog who is enthusiastic about all activities? People-oriented, gentle with children, and loving to be in the center of the action, the Finnish Lapphund is very comfortable with active families. This is a companion that is as attentive as it is friendly, and thanks to its adaptability, it remains calm even in unfamiliar situations.

Finnish Lapphund: Training & Maintenance

The Finnish Lapphund needs both physical and mental exercise. It is best to understand the needs of this breed in advance and schedule regular visits to the canine school. Your new housemate enthusiastically participates in puppy play classes and enjoys agility. The well-rehearsed human-animal relationship that obedience requires fits the Finnish Lapphund’s personality very well. A house with a garden is ideal for their maintenance. If a puppy is properly socialized, it gets along well with other pets.

Finnish Lapphund Care

The lush coat of the Finnish Lapphund consists of a long topcoat and thick undercoat and requires regular grooming. You should brush it daily during the spring and fall shedding and two to three times a week at other times.

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