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You discovered the horse for yourself and made the decision to start riding. You can find out how to do this and what you should consider when choosing a riding school here.

Ambitious or Just for the Fun of It?

First of all, what are your goals and what type of person are you? If you are rather calm and relaxed and are looking for a balance from everyday life in peace, then rides in nature can be just the thing for you. Some feel the hours of strolling on horseback through our woods and meadows as pure meditation, whether alone or in the company. This valuable time together with the horse ensures a pleasant feeling of happiness. And the team – man and horse – is clearly in the foreground here.

Do you see yourself as an ambitious guy looking for a challenge and competition? Does it make you happy to measure yourself against others? So you will want to devote yourself more to dressage or showjumping.

As a fearless guy, you might end up in eventing. Different disciplines such as dressage, showjumping, and cross-country riding is combined here.

Western or gaited horse riding also has a decent tournament scene and sets its own accents.

Where Do You Learn to Ride

Regardless of which riding style you choose, which will probably only emerge later, on your way to becoming a rider, in the end, it should be fun for you. The choice of the right riding school is decisive here. After all, you want to learn from the bottom up and, with the right environment, make sure that the new hobby becomes your long-term companion and characterizes your personal oasis of wellbeing.

When choosing a riding school, you should therefore pay attention to a few things:

  • There you will learn interesting facts about keeping horses;
  • You deal with the horse care there;
  • Groundwork with the horse is an integral part;
  • The equipment is explained to you in detail;
  • The partnership with the horse is emphasized;
  • As a newcomer, the teacher’s language is chosen to be clear and understandable;
  • The horses have contact with their own kind;
  • The stables are light and airy;
  • The horses are given sufficient access to pasture;
  • The stable is in a tidy, tidy condition;
  • The saddle room is tidy and every horse has its own saddle and bridle;
  • The tone of communication between the teacher, the horses and you are always friendly.

How Do You Find the Right Riding School?

In this sea of ​​possibilities, you usually don’t even know where to start. But with alert senses, you will find the right company for you. The aim should be qualified instruction on well-trained horses. Maybe you can find your stable through recommendations or ask around in riding circles. You can also find the exchange in various forums that you can research on the Internet. The stable must be easily accessible for you, but the path alone is not a quality feature: Make sure that the price-performance ratio is right.

If you agree with the trappings and the conditions of the riding school, it is now time to examine the costs. Is it a private school or an association? Are there any admission fees or annual fees? Do you have to work hours? When you have gathered all the information, you can put it in perspective and compare it.

Realize that a good school has its price. After all, she also has some issues, like

  • Training of riding instructors;
  • Training the horses;
  • Advanced training;
  • Staff wages;
  • Maintenance costs for the horses;
  • Lining;
  • Veterinary care;
  • Hoof care;
  • Equipment;
  • Maintenance costs of the riding facility/pasture/stables…

Important: If you decide on the cheapest option for reasons of cost, please look carefully and check where savings are made. Because a good quality school guarantees a good education, has healthy and well-groomed horses and takes care of your safety.

What Does the Riding School Offer You?

The offer of the riding school is definitely a quality feature. You can put the following criteria on the checklist and check whether the respective riding school offers them:

  • Long hours;
  • Individual or group lessons;
  • Theory;
  • Badge courses;
  • Possibility to participate in tournaments on school horses;
  • Training level of the school horses.

The First Impression is Crucial

Listen to your feeling. As soon as you enter the riding school, you will get an impression that will stick. You want to spend a lot of time in this stable in the future, so take the time to look around at your own pace. Will you be welcomed kindly? Are you getting satisfactory answers to your questions? Are you feeling well If you can answer all of this in the affirmative, nothing stands in your way and we wish you a lot of fun with your new hobby in the riding school of your choice?

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