Ferrets are Really Special Pets

Ferrets are very active and also sociable – this is something you should know if you are thinking about getting a ferret as a pet. Or rather, at least two ferrets. Because without a buddy, a ferret life is no fun …

A Predator with a Desire for Faxes and Adventure

The ferret is related to the marten or polecat and can live to be six to ten years old. The cute little predator is a nasty rascal who bursts with curiosity and is always in the mood for faxing and adventure. An expensive porcelain vase shouldn’t be standing around, because once ferrets romp and play, something can break. This can also apply to grandma’s crystal glasses or the decoration on the shelf. And if the light should go out – it could be due to a bite attack.

Late Risers, Clowns, and Athletes

Ferrets are very special pets. They sleep 16 to 18 hours a day, but the rest of the time they drive it all the more colorful: They want to climb, run, play, explore and do as much nonsense as possible. And that’s why ferrets need a lot of space, the usual cages are much too small.

It is best to build a large ferret home yourself, which offers several floors for the animals who love to climb and at least two square meters of floor space for two ferrets.

Space and Run are the Ferret Hit

These two square meters are only a minimum, because the more freedom of movement the animals have, the more comfortable they feel.

Future ferret keepers must not forget to secure the home: ferrets are real escape specialists. The animals are of course safest in the home, but outdoor domiciles are also popular with ferrets. Whether in the enclosure or in the room – these animals love to run, can even go for a walk on a leash, and like to conquer scratching posts.

You Won’t Get Bored with Lots of Accessories

Variety is a must, otherwise, ferret life will quickly get boring. Toys, hiding places, digging sandpit, tunnels, piles of leaves, a larger, thick branch for climbing and balancing, a cozy place, a hammock – the main thing is that it’s fun, interesting, and drives away boredom.

Food is Served at the Safe Feeding Place

Those who are so active naturally also need the right refreshment: As predators, ferrets are of course carnivores. Raw meat is just as suitable as dry and canned food. But: It has to be special ferret food because a dog or cat food is not tailored to their needs.

Every animal needs a bowl of food and a bowl of water. It is best to have slightly separate feeding areas that are covered and have walls – because ferrets like to dine where they feel safe. A bird feeder conveys the cave-like feeling of security.

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