Female Dog Shagging? Causes And 5 Solutions

It can get awkward when your female rams the visit to greet you.

Your female rams pillows and blankets and mounts you? Of course, you’re asking yourself, “Why do females bang anyway?”

Depending on the caliber of your girl, climbing it can be quite painful and can quickly knock visitors who are not very stable out of their shoes. Therefore, it is important that you understand your dog’s behavior.

In this article, we will explain what the unwanted behavior is and how you can stop your dog from banging.

After all, not every visitor likes pants with paw tattoos!

In a nutshell: This is how you get your female off the habit of ramming everything and everyone

If your dog tends to bang pillows and blankets frequently, or mount you and your visitors, this can be really annoying!

Possible reasons for this can be the reproductive drive, hormones, dominance behavior, boredom, stress reduction, skipping actions, puberty, play, itching or a compulsive habit.

Occasional riding is part of the normal behavior of our dogs and is not initially a cause for concern. However, if your dog keeps humping everything and everyone, you should get to the bottom of the cause.

Research into the causes: why do females bang?

In general, ramming or mounting other dogs is part of the normal behavioral repertoire of our four-legged friends. Whether female or male, they all bang! One more, the other less.

So you don’t have to worry or think about it right away!

It gets weird, however, when visitors’ legs and loved-and-therefore-reluctantly-packed-pieces of furniture are constantly climbed on and possibly scratched and drooled on.

The ramming does not always have to do with the reproductive drive but can also have other motives. Causes and solutions are individual for each dog.

It could be because:

  • dominance behavior
  • stress relief
  • Bad/compulsive habit
  • skip action
  • Pubertal behavior/play
  • Boredom / underchallenged
  • itching

Females often begin to exhibit this behavior as soon as heat sets in. (Hey girls, aren’t we all a little bluna then?)


Observe the situations in which your dog mounts other dogs, people, or objects. Maybe you can deduce from this why she is shagging? If you can rule out health problems and have found the cause, it is easier to find the right solution!

Stop the constant ramming – this is how you get your female off the habit of ramming!

First, you should become aware of whether your dog’s behavior is within the “normal range” or whether you find her shagging excessively.

If she only does this occasionally, just let her be a dog. Do you mind? Then try it like this:

Command “Off!”

If your dog already knows the command off, you can use it to dissuade her from the unwanted behavior. Of course, you can also use another command like “Rammelstopp!” or “Woop Woop!” – The main thing is that it can be called well!

Redirect behavior

If you’ve already verbally told your dog to stop humping, you can help her get out of the situation by redirecting her behavior.

Your favorite toy, a pet, recalling a trick you’ve learned, or a treat can all help.

It is important that you do not reward your dog until she has stopped banging, so that you do not confirm her behavior.

Patience and consistency

Are THE instruments in every dog ​​training. If your dog has already gotten into bucking, it will probably take a little longer to break the habit.

Rule out health problems

If your dog humps excessively and often licks her genitals, you should have a veterinarian check her health!

Reduce stress, counteract under-challenge

Perhaps you notice that your dog bangs more when she is stressed? Maybe it’s the doorbell or too much hustle and bustle in the dog park?

Try to work specifically on the situations that cause your dog stress. The problem can only improve if you gently confront them with these situations.

Or does she stroll around bored and then start riding up?

In this case, you should reconsider whether your dog has enough physical and mental workload. Maybe you can teach her a few new tricks or keep her busy with search and concentration games.

Does your female dog mount you?

Even more uncomfortable than riding on objects such as pillows and blankets is ramming on human body parts.

Unlike male dogs, when your female dog mounts you or your visitor, it can also be related to the heat and hormones. If she shows this behavior frequently before or during heat, don’t scold her.

It may sound weird, but maybe you’ll get her a big teddy bear that she can love?

In most females, this behavior is actually temporary and linked to heat.

Good to know:

If your dog is very dominant and you suspect that’s why she’s pounding you, it’s better to consult a dog trainer. It’s always helpful to assess a situation on site in order to come up with the right solution!

In short: This is how you can break the habit of banging your female dog!

Once you have found out why your dog [email protected] everything and everyone, the right solution is not far off.

It’s important to know that mounting and humping are natural dog behaviors. Both females and males do this.

Mounting often begins playfully during puberty and often increases in females before the first heat. The ramming can occur again and again in connection with the heat.

Perhaps your dog’s mounting is a stress-related act of skipping or sheer boredom. Observe what she does before and after she mounts her so you can deduce her motivations.

Teach your dog to respond to a command such as “Out!” to let go of what she is shagging and offer her an alternative. This can be a teddy bear, but also a complete change of behavior, for example, into a game, being stroked, or calling up tricks.

The solutions here are once again just as individual as our dogs!

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