Feeding Birds Properly in Winter: You Have to Pay Attention to This

Do you like to give the birds food outside when it gets cold outside? There are a few things you should keep in mind. You can also easily make good food yourself. Because: Feeding birds is more than scattering breadcrumbs on the windowsill.

Cleanliness at the feeding place is the be-all and end-all. The feed must also not get wet. That can lead to the spread of pathogens. Sunflower seeds, hemp, millet, grain, oat flakes, fat-bran mixtures, food rings and dumplings, coconut halves with beef fat, or pieces of beef tallow are suitable. Many birds also eat fruits, raisins, and wild berries.

Feeding Birds Properly and Healthily: Stale Bread is Unsuitable

Old bread, on the other hand, is unsuitable because it swells in the bird’s stomach. Leftovers are also taboo, the spices can even kill the birds. Spread over several feeding stations, even weak birds have a chance of getting hold of grain. In general, water does not have to be offered. Birds find it in winter in the form of hoarfrost, ice, or snow.

Recipe: It’s That Easy to Make Birdseed Yourself

With this simple recipe, you can make inexpensive food that most birds like Beef suet is cut into small pieces and heated. After the fat has melted out, roughly the same amount of wheat bran is mixed in. A dash of salad oil ensures that the whole thing does not break in the cold.

You can fill the mass into a flower pot, in which a stick is placed beforehand and a piece is pulled through the hole in the bottom. When the food has cooled down, you can hang the pot upside down on the end of the rod. The birds can hold on to the longer end of the rod while they are eating.

Clean Open Bird Feeders Daily

If you still use an open bird feeder, you should clean it every day. The food dispenser is best placed in a clear, easily visible place so that cats cannot sneak up unnoticed. Glass panes near the feeding station are also a source of danger for birds. They can easily become a deadly trap if, for example, trees are reflected in the glass. Stickers can help.

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