Feed Less Often – Less Hungry? Feed Cats Properly

Cats need several small meals a day. Or not? A recent study from Canada brings astonishing findings.

Loud meowing, and constant stroking around the legs: If the cat is constantly hungry and the owner lets itself be wrapped around the small claw, it will be difficult to lose weight. Canadian scientists studied how diet regime affects appetite-regulating hormones, physical activity, and energy expenditure in a small group of eight normal-weight cats. The cats were fed four or only once a day for three weeks. The result was surprising: the cats that were fed frequently moved more, but the overall energy consumption was the same.

Full once a day

The hormone levels suggested that the cats were fuller and happier after one big meal than after many small ones. The researchers assume that feeding once a day burns fatter – a principle also used in intermittent fasting, which is currently a popular diet method. Further studies would be needed to validate the method. But it might be worth trying if your cat is hungry all the time.

Frequently Asked Question

How many times should you feed a cat a day?

A cat would eat up to 15 small meals a day with food readily available. It is therefore optimal if you feed your cat ad libitum and it can decide freely throughout the day when it would like to eat.

Should you feed cats at night too?

The cat’s natural eating behavior means that it eats up to 20 small meals throughout the day – even at night. It is therefore an advantage if you provide some food just before going to bed so that the kitten can also eat at night if necessary.

When is the best time to feed cats?

Intervals and time: How often a cat gets food should be based on its natural behavior of catching small prey. So several small portions a day are better than one large one. Many experts recommend three feedings: morning, noon, and evening.

How do cats show you’re hungry?

Increased appetite, especially when combined with weight loss, is one of the most common signs of it. Other signs include increased thirst and urination, and even vomiting and diarrhea.

Why is my cat looking at me and meowing?

When your cat looks at you and meows, it’s usually a sign of a need. She has a wish and hopes that you will fulfill it. With that, she reverts to a bit of kitty behavior.

What is the healthiest food for cats?

The best natural source of taurine for cats is raw, bloody meat, especially muscle meat and offal such as liver or brain. Hearts are also rich in taurine, preferably from chicken, basic raw several times a week. Green-lipped mussel powder offers a healthy alternative because it contains natural taurine.

How long can wet food remain in a cat’s bowl?

Very important: Once the wet food has been opened, you must feed it within two days. Despite storage in the refrigerator, cat food loses quality over time and can spoil, albeit with a time delay. By the way: Never feed wet food directly from the fridge.

Can cats eat boiled eggs?

As you can see, cats are allowed to eat boiled eggs, but should rather not be fed raw eggs and raw egg whites should never end up in the food bowl. As long as she likes it, there is nothing wrong with letting your cat eat an egg from time to time.


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