Every Cat Hates These 8 Things

Cats are quite clear about what they like and don’t like. That’s also why we love them so much. Cats stop having fun with these 8 things!

No human attention

Many people think cats would rather “do their own thing”. That may be true in part. However, a cat loves it just as much when it is cared for, stroked, and played with by its human.

Many cats make this clear by obviously pouting if you don’t pay attention to them for a long time. Others purposely block a man’s favorite spot or steal his property.

If you can’t pay your cat any attention for longer than usual, you can buy her an intelligence game.  She can deal with that for a while. Then make up for the lack of time by petting her or playing with her for a particularly long time.

A dirty litter box

A litter box is an important place for your little house tiger. In the wild, cats look for a clean and undisturbed place to do their business. Only the litter box is available to them in the apartment.

So make sure the toilet is always clean. Cats don’t like dirty and foul-smelling toilets at all and in the worst case “thank” you for uncleanliness.

Do you think that’s exaggerated? Then think about whether you like going to portable toilets. And then keep in mind that a cat’s sense of smell is about ten times better than yours.

Bad food

Many cats are picky about food anyway, so they only accept certain types. In addition, the velvet paws have a very healthy skepticism about spoiled or stale food. Very few cats access here. And rightly so, as stale leftover food, e.g. B. staphylococci, streptococci, and salmonella.

So make sure that your cat’s wet food never sits around for more than half an hour. Depending on the room temperature, the food may of course keep for a shorter or longer time.

Stagnant water

There is hardly anything that house tigers despise as much as stagnant water. And that’s an important point because many cat owners worry about whether the cat is drinking enough. It is very easy to make the kitty like water.

Just use a drinking fountain. It offers the vital liquid in motion, which suits the natural behavior of cats: In nature, they would always prefer to drink from a small stream than from a puddle.

Some drinking fountains also include a filter so that the water is always 100 percent fresh.


Since cats tend to be a bit difficult when it comes to food and is also extremely bright-headed, getting pills into the cat is a real feat.

As with us humans, some medicines smell and taste so unpleasant that you can’t blame the little tigers if they refuse to take them.

Fortunately, there are now tricks that can be used to make it easier to take. Simply wrap the tablet in a deliciously scented treat, maybe you can outsmart your kitty like that.

Products specially made for this are now commercially available. Always keep a few of these on hand. After all, you never know when you’ll need them next. And in the event of a medical emergency, you should not waste time unnecessarily.

Insensitive caress

Some cats are more sensitive to petting than you might think. This is because cats in nature would only tolerate petting other animals on the head and neck. Stroking all over the body is therefore rather something unnatural for the little velvet paws.

If your cat tends to suddenly jump up, hiss, and maybe even hit and bite after an actually harmonious cuddling session, consider whether you may have overwhelmed it with your stroking and limit the scratching to the head and neck in the future.

Stress with other cats

Hierarchy fights or competition at the food bowl puts enormous stress on our fur balls. It becomes particularly dramatic when this aggression cannot be acted out in the way your cat would in nature.

sneaks z. If, for example, the neighboring cat is on the property and your animal cannot prevent it from doing so because it cannot go into the garden at the moment, it is possible that it will take out the anger on the next tangible one, i.e. one of your other cats. So try to avoid such situations.

If there is regular stress at the feeding place, feed the animals at different times or in different rooms.

Noise and excitement

Loud noises and hustle and bustle in your own four walls are not for cats at all. This is also the main reason why New Year’s Eve is a real nightmare for most cats.

Older cats in particular can hardly deal with the unusual excitement and suffer enormously on these evenings.

But quarrels among humans also belong to the category of “unnecessary and annoying noise” for cats. Therefore, whenever possible, try to keep your verbal arguments out of your cat’s reach. This not only saves your pet unnecessary stress but also encourages you to find a solution to the problem yourself.

If your cat tends to be nervous in general, homeopathic remedies can be a real and natural help. We wish you and your cat all the best!

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