Effective Pond Decoration

Pond decoration is usually the last step in pond construction. It determines the ambience and gives your garden that certain something. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in pond decorations to match the pond. Here you will find tips and inspiration for an atmospheric pond decoration.

The Use of Water for Garden Design

Of course, the whole pond relies on the presence of water, but you can do a lot more with the wet element than just filling the excavated pond. It is also a popular element for designing the garden – by the way, even without a garden pond.

A good example of this is a fountain or fountain. While water features are usually installed in the water or directly on the edge of the pond, fountains or fountains can also be used without a pond. Whether on the terrace, as a design element in the middle of the flower bed, or even on the small balcony, fountains enhance every garden. All you need is a pump and the right fountain. In the trade, you will find a large range of different variants from baroque ornate fountains to modern and elegant fountains. Stainless steel fountains in particular are enjoying growing popularity, as they are robust and durable and can be stylishly integrated into almost any garden.

With the right accessories, you can design your own individual fountain without much effort. All you need is a suitable container such as a fountain and a pump including hoses to convey the water. The rest, such as the use of gravel, plants, or lighting elements, depends entirely on your personal taste.

Water as a Design Element

One element that you can use at the pond, but also independently, are waterfalls and streams. You can use these two elements well to do something for the pond values ​​in addition to the optics because valuable oxygen gets into the pond water through the splashing on the surface. These water features are fed with pond water, which is repeatedly transported to the waterfall or to the beginning of the stream by a pump.

Even if you don’t have a pond, you don’t have to do without streams or waterfalls. For example, you can install them so that they pour into a small bed of gravel. This also creates a pleasant atmosphere through the gentle splashing of water.

Last but not least, there are still gargoyles, which are ideally placed on the edge of the pond or on an island in the pond and from here “spit” water onto the pond surface. In addition to models made of copper or stainless steel, bronze gargoyles are particularly popular, as they are particularly popular with pond owners because of their robustness to weather and time.

Plays of Light

When the keyword “lighting” is mentioned when it comes to pond decoration, one naturally thinks first of the lighting of the pond itself. In principle, this can be done from the outside – i.e. above water – or from the inside – underwater. The effects that can be achieved here are very diverse and can be easily combined with one another.

For example, if you use greenish light outside the pond to illuminate plants on the edge of the pond, they are visibly strengthened in their natural coloring and shine in a rich but natural green. This is direct lighting. Indirect lighting can mainly be implemented in the pond itself. Attached under stones or installed in the walls of the pond, you can use the underwater lighting to make the pond a highlight even at night. It is particularly practical that you can see the pond inhabitants even after nightfall. Then you can catch a glimpse of crepuscular animals such as catfish or tench.

Of course, it is also worth installing lighting options outside the pond. Design elements such as statues, fountains, or individual plant elements can shine in a completely different light in the dark than during the day. Solar lamps, which charge during the day and emit a soft light at night, are ideal, especially in inaccessible areas. This modern technology not only saves you money, but also the cumbersome laying of power cables.

In the meantime, more and more pond owners are becoming creative themselves and using the appropriate technology to install very individual pond decorations that combine the creative elements of light and water. So you can embellish your garden and pond according to your own ideas. This is very simple and straightforward, as the required accessories are even available in complete sets.

Useful Accessories for Pond Decoration

For all decorative elements – regardless of whether they work with water or light – you of course need the right accessories. Above all, this includes hoses and cables that conduct water and electricity to the appropriate points. After all, no swelling stone gushes by itself and even the solar lamp needs a cable so that the solar energy can get from the solar module to the lamp. You will also find practical tools in stores to hide unsightly technology. With covers and hoods in a natural stone look, you can make transformers or filters invisible, for example. The focus is always on the design highlights.

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