Eel: What You Should Know

The eel is a fish that looks like a snake. Its body is very long, slender, and agile. He has rather small fins that fit like ribbons on the body. The scales are very small and slimy. That’s why people say they’re slippery when you can’t pin them down.

There are about twenty species of eels that together form a genus. We only have the European eel. He is meant when someone here speaks of an eel. These eels live in rivers and lakes. Adult eels can grow up to a meter long. To breed, they swim down rivers and through the sea almost to America. There they mate. The female releases the eggs and dies. The male also dies.

Young animals develop from eggs. If they are as big as a finger, they are almost transparent, then they are also called glass eels. Then they swim back through the sea and up the rivers. The eels have a trick to do this: they snake their way through the damp grass to get from one river to the other.

Eels are considered to be very tasty and have therefore been caught and eaten by humans for a long time. They are usually sold fried or smoked. In times when people had little else to eat, eels were sometimes even more valuable than gold and precious stones.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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