Education and Keeping of the Lakeland Terrier

Training the Lakeland Terrier is very demanding. With words of praise and a consistent upbringing, he becomes a loving companion. The terriers have the peculiarity that they like to test their limits and can also be stubborn. This behavior should be suppressed in puppyhood with clearly defined commands. You will never be able to completely suppress these qualities.

These commands set the dog clear boundaries and teach him obedience. In general, the Lakeland Terrier is extremely willing to learn, obedient, and intelligent. With the right training, he quickly develops into a great dog for everyday life together.

Since he is quite demanding in education, he is only conditionally suitable as a first dog. You should think about a strategy before you buy it and put it on paper. You then apply this concept consistently and without exception. Because of its friendly nature and its small size, it is also rather unsuitable as a guard dog. With appropriate training, however, it is quite possible to use him as a guard dog.

The Lakeland Terrier requires a lot of physical and mental exercise. This utilization gives him satisfaction and grants him inner peace. If it is not used enough, it can sometimes happen that it bites a pillow or barks at its owner asking him to do something with him. The barking in this situation may seem amusing, but that too should be suppressed.

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