Education and Husbandry of the Phalene

The Phalene breed is considered an absolute beginner’s dog, mainly because of its upbringing and attitude. The dogs are easy to train, adapt to their owner, and are very teachable. Therefore, they are also ideal for dog sports.

However, when purchasing a Phalene, you must be aware that dogs need clear rules and boundaries. Since they are very intelligent, they otherwise start to assert themselves and act independently.

At this point at the latest, it is important to take the lead. Otherwise, you’ll quickly have a barking, untrained dog on a leash. With a little practice and the possible help of a dog school, everyone should get their Phalene well-trained.

Although the Phalene belongs to the genus of spaniels that were originally bred for hunting, he has very little hunting instinct himself. As long as you don’t reinforce this in certain situations, it is easy to handle and can sometimes be taken without a leash on walks.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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