Dwelling Size When Keeping Cats

If you are considering taking a cat into an apartment-only setting, you should carefully consider beforehand whether the apartment is really suitable for a cat. Read here which criteria you should consider.

The cat is the most common pet in Germany. Even in an apartment, a cat can lead a species-appropriate life if the conditions are right. Here you can find out what you need to consider when it comes to the size and furnishings of the apartment if you want to keep one or more cats.

Dwelling Size in a Cat

If a cat is to move in, animal experts recommend an apartment size of at least 50 m2 for a cat. But more important than the number of square meters is the structure and furnishings of the apartment.

Cats need incentives to move. An apartment in which the cat can see its entire territory from one point becomes too boring for the cat in the long run. However, that does not mean that keeping a cat in a one-room apartment is not possible. Even a separate hallway, an eat-in kitchen, or a cat-proof balcony provide variety. It is only important that the cat is allowed to enter every area of ​​the apartment.

Furnishings for the cat also need space, which you should definitely think about before you buy one. A cat needs:

  • A scratching post for romping, playing, and sleeping.
  • A place of retreat where she can rest – for example, when guests are visiting.
  • A quiet feeding spot away from the litter box.
  • Two litter boxes are accessible at all times.

Is Every Cat Suitable for Housing?

Young animals and very spirited cats absolutely need space to romp and run. This should definitely be considered when choosing a cat for pure apartment keeping.

Find out about the requirements of the breed before you buy it. Cat breeds with a high urge to move, such as forest cats, are less suitable for keeping in apartments than more relaxed breeds such as the British Shorthair.

The cat should also have lived under similar conditions before moving in. A former outdoor cat with a large territory will not be happy in a small apartment.

Apartment Size for Two Cats

If there are two cats, a minimum apartment size of 60 m2 is recommended. The layout of the apartment is more important than the number of square meters. The apartment should have at least two rooms so that the cats can sometimes avoid each other.

With two cats, the number of litter boxes also increases. At least three litter boxes are recommended when keeping two cats. These must also be integrated into the home in places to which the cats have constant access.

Make Your Apartment Exciting for Cats

In order to make life in an apartment appropriate for the cat, owners have to get creative. Cats always need new incentives. A noise from the next room, the slightest change – cats register everything. With the following ideas you can transform your apartment into a small cat paradise:

  • Create lots of climbing and scratching opportunities.
  • Include walls: attach catwalks and lying areas.
  • Clear window sills so the cat can observe the outside world.
  • Make windows (or even better the balcony) cat-proof for environmental stimuli and fresh air.
  • Lots of interactive activity with the cat.
  • Variety in toys
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