Donskoy: Cat Breed Information & Characteristics

The Don Sphynx’s hairlessness results in special posture requirements. Occasionally, excess oil needs to be removed from their skin by bathing the cat or wiping it with a damp cloth. It is also sensitive to moisture or cold. It is, therefore, more recommended for housing. Here the Don Sphynx needs sufficient play and climbing opportunities. Ideally, you should also put a playmate at her side. The Don Sphynx is often mistakenly advertised as suitable for allergy sufferers. In general, however, an allergy should be ruled out before purchasing, as this is not always the case.

The Don Sphynx, which comes from Russia, is also known as Donskoy Sphynx or Don Hairless. It is reported that the Russian Elena Kovaleva found a cat on her way home in the city of Rostov-na-Donu (German: Rostow-on-Don), which shortly afterward gave birth to hairless offspring. It turned out that the Don Sphynx’s lack of fur was due to a mutation. The responsible gene is inherited dominantly.

The Don Sphynx is a medium-sized cat that is similar in appearance to other Sphynx breeds. Typical are the almond-shaped eyes and the large, bat-like ears. In 1997 the breed was first recognized by the WCF, and a few years later by the TICA under the name Donskoy.

Breed-specific Traits

The Don Sphynx is typically an affectionate, people-loving cat. She is often described as loving by the owners of the breed. Close contact with her people is usually very important to her. It is considered to be compatible with conspecifics and other animals, but it is not protected from the claws of other cats in arguments due to its lack of fur. A partner of the same race ensures fair conditions. However, the Don Sphynx usually gets along well with other cat breeds as well. She is playful, intelligent and should be challenged accordingly. For example, are suitable for this

Attitude and Care

The Don Sphynx is said to have a higher body temperature than other cat breeds. Presumably, this is due to the lack of fur. It, therefore, has a higher energy requirement, which it usually compensates for with cat food. Keepers of the kitty should therefore make sure that the portions are sufficiently large when feeding.

Since body fats are absorbed by the fur in other cats, these fats can build up on the skin of the Don Sphynx. Cats are very clean animals and don’t really need to be bathed. Bathing is controversial among the Don Sphynx. Some keepers recommend a weekly bath, while others recommend treating the skin with a damp cloth. However, some cats love the water. So if your kitty likes to bathe, there is nothing wrong with a well-tempered tub. In any case, the cat should be dried gently afterward, otherwise, it can quickly suffer from hypothermia.

For this reason, the outdoor area is rather unsuitable for the actually robust breed and housing is preferable. In winter it cannot protect itself from the cold or wet due to its lack of fur. Caution is also advised in summer: In strong sunlight, hairless cats get sunburn just like humans. Therefore, use sun protection suitable for cats or offer enough shady places.

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