Dogs Are Much Better At These 10 Things Than Humans

Are there things dogs can do better than humans? What comes to your mind spontaneously?

We think the list of things dogs can do better than humans is surprisingly long and gets longer the deeper you go.

We have filtered out 10 things for you that dogs can definitely do better than humans!

When it comes to our dogs, we’re dealing with four-legged teachers, and we can take quite a lot from them – if we put our minds to it!

Dogs can smell better than humans

The senses of dogs are sometimes much more developed than with us humans.

Especially when it comes to the olfactory organ and thus the most important sensory organ of the dog, they are quite a bit ahead of humans!

Depending on the breed of dog, our furry friends can smell 30-40 times better than us two-legged friends. They even have an extra olfactory organ, the Jacobson’s organ on the upper palate in the oral cavity.

Dogs can hear better than humans

Another sense, which is much better developed in dogs than in humans, is the sense of hearing.

Dogs hear up to 100 million times better than we do!

For example, they perceive frequencies that are completely beyond our human ability to hear and can perceive sounds more intensively than we can even over significantly greater distances.

Dogs can orientate themselves better than humans

That’s definitely true! Dogs have a much better sense of direction than humans.

Maybe it has happened to you that your dog chased after a deer. After 4 hours sitting in the woods, you make your way home to wait. Of course, your dog will also find its way on its own!

How dogs orientate themselves is really very interesting!

Dogs are better at forgiving than humans

Sad and true is the fact that dogs are far more forgiving than humans.

So they remain loyal to their human even if he treats them badly.

A dog that has been abused for years is very likely to be suspicious of people, but it will never close its heart completely!

Dogs are better at living in the here and now than humans

One thing we can definitely learn from our dogs is live in the moment!

No matter what they have experienced or what the future will bring, dogs don’t worry about it. All that matters to them is the present moment!

A life in the here and now prevents you from projecting fears from the past into the future and helps you to go through life much more relaxed and happy!

Sometimes less thinking is just more living!

Dogs can chill better than humans

This is also because dogs don’t constantly worry about what else they have to do!

Dogs just hang out better than people!

Dogs are better at listening to their instincts than humans

Of course, dogs can also think, but they don’t let their minds guide them, they trust their instincts.

A decision based on gut instinct usually feels much better and more real than one based on a considered and supposedly secure mind.

Try it out and sharpen your own intuition!

Dogs can communicate more clearly than humans

Dogs don’t say yes and actually mean no. Dogs communicate loud and clear when they like or don’t like something.

This is also the reason why we humans often unsettle our dogs!

Because we ourselves are not at all clear about what we actually want – that happens when heart and mind do not cooperate but work against each other!

Dogs are better at judging people than humans

Dogs instinctively sense whether someone is kind to them or not.

So they often have a better knowledge of human nature than we do, without even thinking about people!

Dogs are the better people

Heroically and fearlessly, dogs are used for all sorts of rescue operations.

They not only save lives from buried houses and can sniff out flare-ups early, but are also true heroes in much smaller circles:

Dogs give us so much love that they can open our hearts to let the light in even when we are suffering from depression, loneliness, self-doubt, strokes of fate, or psychological problems.

Dogs don’t judge, dogs are just who they are: Honest, loving, and full of kindness.

If only we were all a little more like our dogs, the world would be a better place! woof

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

Hello, I'm Mary! I've cared for many pet species including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, and bearded dragons. I also have ten pets of my own currently. I've written many topics in this space including how-tos, informational articles, care guides, breed guides, and more.

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