Dog Swallowed the Object – Does Sauerkraut Help?

If a dog has swallowed a foreign body, should he eat sauerkraut? Veterinarians strongly advise against this.

Dog owners may know this tip: if a dog has swallowed an object, he should simply eat sauerkraut. The individual fibers must then wrap around the foreign body in the dog’s stomach so that it can be removed relatively easily.

However, the sauerkraut trick for dogs is not always a good idea and should only be done after consulting your veterinarian first.

Because: In many cases, the foreign body can be removed by endoscopy after the dog has swallowed it. But that’s exactly what gets complicated if the subject is floating in “sauerkraut porridge”.

Sauerkraut Can Complicate the Operation

Another problem: If the sauerkraut has indeed successfully wrapped the product, it may have already entered the intestines. “You can’t get there with an endoscope. Then an enterotomy may be required, that is, a surgical opening of the intestine to remove a foreign body. “
Therefore, veterinarians warn all owners not to give their dogs sauerkraut as a first-aid measure when swallowing objects: “Sauerkraut only after consulting a veterinarian who will treat you later.”

Tip: This Is How Your Dog Will Eat Sauerkraut

If your vet did recommend sauerkraut, dog owners can try this trick: lightly boil the sauerkraut, mix it with a little fat and instant mashed potatoes, and serve it to a four-legged friend. Then most dogs would accept sauerkraut.

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