Dog Paws are More Hygienic Than Shoe Soles

Assistance dogs are often banned from hospitals. Poor hygiene cannot be the reason for this: researchers have now been able to prove that dog paws are cleaner than the soles of the owners’ shoes.

According to a UN agreement, assistance dogs are allowed into hospitals and other public buildings. For hygienic reasons, however, they are often denied this – wrongly!

Scientists from the University of Utrecht’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine sampled the paws of 25 assistance dogs and the soles of their owners’ shoes. The samples were examined for intestinal bacteria ( Enterobacteriaceae ) and diarrhea pathogens ( Clostridium difficile ). The surprising result: the dog’s paws were cleaner overall than the soles of the owners’ shoes. In addition, diarrheal bacteria were not found on a single dog’s paw, but once on the sole of a shoe.

We don’t have to stay outside

In Europe, over 10,000 people rely on assistance dogs such as guide dogs for the blind. Four out of five of those affected stated that they are regularly denied access to public buildings, although this is required by law. Dogs are not only well-trained and valuable aids for their owners, but they also pose no greater hygiene risk than humans.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do dog paws smell so good?

The odor is caused by the combination of sweat and bacteria that dogs ingest and absorb through their paws.

How sensitive are dog paws?

The veterinary term for inflamed dog paws is pododermatitis. It comes from the terms “podo” like feet and “dermatitis” like skin inflammation. Since the skin of the dog’s paw is very sensitive, it can easily become inflamed. Most dog owners notice very quickly that the animal has problems.

How should dog paws be?

The pads of the dog’s paws should be smooth and supple. If the skin is very dry and cracks form, you should take care of it accordingly. Dirt can get in and cause pain.

Should you put lotion on dog paws?

To prevent cracks on the pads and toes, you can massage the affected areas with a paw balm every day. This not only keeps the skin supple but also forms a fatty protective film that temporarily protects against external influences.

Can a dog have cheese feet?

Fortunately, not every dog suffers from smelly, sweaty feet, but if they do, it can be extremely annoying, just like us humans. The smell, sometimes referred to as “puma-like”, is caused as follows: The sweat glands in the spaces between the toes secrete a secretion that is comparable to human armpit sweat.

Do dog shoes make sense in winter?

Hot asphalt can even cause paw burns. Sharp and pointed corners in the ice can cause injuries on frozen ground. Dog shoes offer effective protection here. When there is snow, clumps of snow can get stuck between the dog’s toes and cause pain when walking.

How often to wash your paws?

If you have a dog that spends most of its time indoors and usually only walks the neighborhood, considers washing its paws every two weeks. If you regularly take your dog on hikes, be sure to check and wash its paws thoroughly after each outing.

What is coconut oil good for in dogs?

Coconut oil helps with dry and scaly skin and cares for the coat. With regular use, it gives shine and makes the coat supple and combable. In addition, it eliminates unpleasant odors thanks to the pleasant coconut scent.

Why does my dog stink so much?

Dead skin cells, hair, dirt, and bacteria have settled in the coat: If the coat is not brushed regularly, it will start to smell, especially in long-haired dogs. If your dog smells and scratches, you should check the skin.

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