Dog Or A Human In Bed: Who Is Better To Sleep With?

There are people who cannot sleep next to other people – even with their loved ones. But what does it look like when you share a bed with a dog? One study actually found that women at least sleep better with dogs than with their partners. What could be the reason?

Would you rather sleep next to a small fluffy dog than next to a tall, snoring guy? Of course, some clichés are used in this comparison, but the scenario is not far-fetched: after all, a study in the US showed that women, in particular, sleep better when their dog is lying next to them in bed, rather than their partner.

In general, sharing a bed with a dog can have many positive effects. In particular, women feel comfortable and safe in the presence of their four-legged friends. In general, companionship with pets can reduce stress and be an important support for people with mental illness.

And, apparently, the presence of four-legged friends interferes with our sleep very little – at least, less than cats or other people. But why is it so?

The Dog Has No Expectations

When a dog sleeps in bed, unlike a man, a dog has no expectations. The dog is lying there, looking cute, wanting to cuddle or just sleeping. However, if fur noses share the bed with their people, it’s not just them personally beneficial.

In general, according to the trainer, letting your dog sleep in bed is not a problem as long as you can train it again.

A possible alternative would be to let the dog sleep in the bedroom, but not in bed. For example, placing a dog bed next to a human bed. Another study found that participants sleep better when the dog is in the same room, but not in the same bed.

Dog in Bed? Everyone Has to Decide for Themselves

Are there any downsides to letting your dog sleep in your bed? In addition to the fact that dogs that move a lot at night can also impair sleep quality, a dog in bed can increase the risk of allergies. Dogs can carry allergy triggers such as dust and pollen in their coat. Just like parasites and other pathogens.

In the end, however, it is up to every dog owner to decide if he wants to share the bed and bedroom with the dog.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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