Dog Has Lung Cancer: When To Put It To Sleep? (Counselor)

It’s really not easy to say when the right time has come to let your beloved four-legged friend go.

But your dog has lung cancer and you’re wondering when to put him to sleep? It depends on many factors to decide whether your dog can still be helped or not.

But it is important that this decision is ALWAYS made for the benefit of the dog!

Yes, in this case we have the power to choose suffering and the end of suffering. This can be both a curse and a blessing.

Here is a guide to help you make one of the hardest decisions in your life.

When is the right time to euthanize a dog with lung cancer?

Your dog was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. You have done everything in consultation with your veterinarian to continue to give your sick dog a happy and pain-free life.

But at some point it will come, the time when nothing works anymore.

When you find that your dog is no longer enjoying life and is being ruled by his pain, then it’s time to let him go.

You will feel if your dog still has the strength to fight. Whether he still has a will to live and when he wants to leave.

There is no point in driving you crazy with this thought in advance. As sad as it is, someday we will all die.

Maybe you too can see it as a gift and wonderful help to be able to make this decision for your dog. It may save your dog even more suffering and is a decision for and not against him!

What is the life expectancy with lung cancer in dogs?

There is no general answer to this question either.

The life expectancy of your dog with lung cancer depends largely on the stage at which the cancer is discovered.

Various therapy and treatment options and many other factors play a major role in the further course of the disease.

How fast does a lung tumor grow in dogs?

There are both fast and slow growing lung tumors.

The early stages of lung cancer can last for several years without causing any symptoms. But there are also fast-growing tumors that lead to death very quickly.

What are the treatment options for lung cancer?

There are several treatment options for lung cancer in dogs.

The first step is almost always to completely remove the tumorous tissue by means of a surgical procedure. This is followed by radiation and/or chemotherapy to destroy any cancer cells that may remain in the body.

If the cancer has already spread, longer chemotherapy is necessary!

You always have to discuss the individual treatment for your dog with cancer with a veterinarian!

End-stage lung cancer – symptoms

The following symptoms indicate that your dog has end-stage lung cancer:

  • Strong and persistent cough
  • Labored, rapid and shallow breathing
  • Breathing worse when lying down
  • Significant weight loss
  • difficulties swallowing
  • refusal of food

How do I know that my dog no longer wants to live?

The end of life looks different for all of us. Our dogs also go to the eternal hunting grounds in different ways.

Here are a few clear signs that it’s time for your dog to go:

  • He refuses food and water (sometimes for several days before death)
  • He withdraws
  • The mucous membranes are dry and pale
  • Muscles become weak and reflexes weaken
  • He can no longer control his bowels and bladder
  • Breathing and heartbeat become weaker

Conclusion: dog with lung cancer – when to put it down?

Lung cancer does not immediately mean a death sentence for your dog.

There are many treatment options that can help you lead a happy and vital life again.

If your dog has lung cancer, it’s very important that you stay in close contact with your veterinarian. Especially when the end is coming, you should pay special attention to your darling.

Grant him a dignified old age. This also includes making the decision at the right time as to when he is allowed to leave.

Every heart person has a hard time with this decision. Sharing your fears and worries can help. If you like, please leave us a comment under this article.

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