Dog Has A Bump On Its Side: 5 Causes And Tips (Guide)

Yesterday everything was slippery and today you suddenly discover that your dog has a bump on its side?

Where on earth does it come from and above all: should I be worried?

Maybe your dog has a bump on the side after a vaccination? A harmless lipoma can also be the reason for the strange spot.

In this article, you will find out exactly what a lipoma is, what other causes a bump on the dog can have, and what you can and should do.

My dog has a bump on his side: causes

If you suddenly discover that your dog has a bump on its side, please don’t panic right away. The reasons for this can be very diverse.

It does not necessarily have to be a malignant tumor, but can also be a small bruise or a wart!

Here are some of the possible causes if your dog has a bump on its side:

1. Parasites or insect bites

Despite the fur, our dogs are not protected from parasites and insect bites. An elevation of the skin can be triggered by an insect bite.

Unfortunately, dogs react to itchy spots with lots of scratching, licking and nibbling. A tick, mosquito or wasp bite quickly turns into a larger bump.

To relieve the itching, you can apply things like colloidal silver or coconut oil to the affected area.

2. Warts

Many dogs develop skin warts, especially as they get older. These are absolutely no cause for concern!

Only when your dog begins to constantly work on the wart is there a risk of infection.

So keep a close eye on the warts and consult a veterinarian if your dog is visibly bothered or stressed by them.

3. Grit bag

Groat bags are sebum deposits under the skin.

They are often not accompanied by any symptoms and simply remain small blemishes.

However, groats can also grow and become painfully inflamed. In this case, they should definitely be treated by a veterinarian!

4. Bulge after vaccination

It is not uncommon for a small bump to form at the site of the injection after a vaccination.

The symptoms usually subside after a few days. If not: Off to the vet!

5. Lipoma

A lipoma is a tumorous change in fatty tissue. Some dogs tend to develop more and more lipomas as they age. Other dogs don’t get any.

They are not dangerous, but depending on where they appear, they can affect your dog when walking, lying down, sitting or playing.

The veterinarian can use a biopsy to determine whether your dog’s growth is a lipoma or another cell change.

Good to know:

Dogs can usually live very well with one or more lipomas. It’s just a minor cosmetic flaw. However, if you find that your dog is being affected by lipoma, you should consider having it surgically removed.

What can I do if the dog has a bump on its side?

Of course, that depends a lot on what the cause of the bump is!

Since, in addition to groats, lipomas, and harmless skin warts, it could also be a mast cell tumor or skin cancer, it is incredibly important that you introduce your dog to a competent veterinarian!

Many “bumps” can be treated well. Of course, nothing works without an accurate diagnosis.

What does a lipoma feel like in a dog?

A lipoma in dogs feels mostly soft and mobile. The bump that forms as a result is a benign tumor of fatty tissue.

All body regions can be affected.

Bottom line: why does my dog have a bump on his side?

If your dog has a bump on its side, it can be for many reasons.

Maybe he raged with a four-legged friend and got a little bruise. Other harmless causes such as warts, lipomas, or a mosquito bite can also be behind the bump.

In any case, it is important to have your dog examined by a veterinarian if something seems strange to you or if you do not know what to do.

Do not worry. Many possible causes are easily treatable!

Does your dog have a bump on its side? You are welcome to ask us your questions and we will see how we can help you and your dog!

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